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10 Ways to Find Extra Cash

At times we all find ourselves pressed for cash. Unexpected expenses pop up as something breaks, the kids need new shoes or whatever. As the holiday season comes and goes, you may find yourself needing some extra cash. Whether you know it or not, there may be extra money hiding all over your house just waiting to be found. Hopefully these tips can help you find it.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

10 ways to find extra cash with Coinstar

1. The first classic “go to” method is an all out change hunt. Tear apart those couch cushions for coins that roll out of pockets. Search through the laundry room for discarded change coming out of dirty pockets. Riffle through side table drawers. Wherever you can think of where you may toss loose change or bills. You might not be able to fill your gas tank, but you may find some lunch money.

Coinstar couch

2. Sell your unwanted stuff. We all have some. The old cloths pilling in the closet that don’t fit, furniture not being used, electronics or games. Whatever it may be, there are things in all of our homes that we no longer need, that have dollar signs attached to them. There are many local sites to sale your unused stuff. Try local Facebook sales groups or even online sites. You may even want to try a pawn shop if you have anything worth any kind of money.

3. Sell your old electronics and video games. There are web sites that buy back old used electronics and video games. If you have an old phone or tablet that is collecting dust, sell it. You may make enough money for a tank of gas or a gallon of milk. Some even pay a little still, even if the device is not working.

4. Sell old or unwanted gold or silver. Do you have old jewelry that is broken or unused? Maybe it is a hand down or old gift that is out of style. There are places set up all over the place that buy back gold pieces. Take it in and see what you can get for it. Start digging through that jewelry box and see what you have hiding in there.

Coinstar gold

5. Find and turn in scrap metal. Things like copper fetch a higher price, but most metal is worth something. Do you have an old broken swing set, trampoline or appliance? It may be worth something at the scrap yard.  Go riffle through your shed or yard and see what you have.

6. Turn in your cans. If your a big soda drinker, chances are you go through a ton of cans. It may take a while to save up enough cans to be worth anything, but it will be worth it if you are pressed for cash. Many other states give money back for recycling other things like plastic and tin cans as well. So hang onto those recyables and turn them in for some quick cash when you need it.

7. Take back unused or unwanted purchased items. We have all done it. You know, gone shopping and bought something that doesn’t fit or was more money than we should have spent. Maybe you received a gift from someone that you don’t really care for. When you need cash, that’s the best time to start returning some of those things. Look around and see if there are any recent purchases or gifts you could return

Coinstar returns

8. Volunteer to drive. Many people need a ride to the air port or home from being out. If you have friends that need a ride, see if you can do it and make some money. Be your own taxi or join a driving service to earn some extra cash.

9. Many people are in need of plasma. A good way to give back and make some cash doing it is to sell your plasma. It usually takes about thirty minutes to an hour to finish the donation process. You can feel good knowing that you helped someone in need and also earn a little extra cash doing it.

10. Turn gift cards into cash. Do you have gift cards you have been carrying around to places you may not even like? Christmas and birthdays are the best time to give and receive gift cards. Sometimes you get some to places you never shop. Maybe you just would prefer the cash instead of the gift card. Well, Coinstar has you covered.

Coinstar gift card

For those times you would prefer cash to gift cards, you can take your gift card to a yellow Coinstar Exchange kiosk. They will take your gift card and give you cash in its place. They have made it super easy to do. All you do is take your unwanted gift cards to the yellow Coinstar Exchange kiosk.

CoinStar yellow kiosk

Choose where the gift card is from. Swipe the strip on the card through the reader or put the bar code up to the scanner. Coinstar will give you an offer for your gift card. You can choose to accept or decline the offer.

Coinstar pick acard

If you accept, you insert the card into the slot and it will print you a voucher, just like the green Coinstars do, to turn into customer service for cash. In just a few minutes, you are walking out of the door with cash in your hand. No more unwanted gift cards to stores where you don’t shop. Goodbye gift card, Hello cold hard cash.

Coinstar pays

So if you are short on cash this holiday season and are looking for some shopping money, or you have been holding onto unused gift cards, it may be time to turn those cards into usable cash. Coinstar can do that for you. Find a local yellow Coinstar Exchange near you and give it a try.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

i love this. my stepmom took her scrap metal and got 700+ dollars she was soo happy and I have been saving my change for years now. my uncle got me started sometimes when I got its up to like 150 bucks. you have some great tips here thanks so much for sharing.

Ashley - Embracing Homemaking

Friday 18th of December 2015

Taking back unwanted purchases gets me every time! I don't know why it's so hard for me to do!

Ann Bacciaglia

Friday 18th of December 2015

I will have to go threw my jewelry box and gather the gold i no longer wear. It is a great way to get some extra cash this time of the year.

Liz Mays

Friday 18th of December 2015

These are good ideas. I'll have to see how much loose change way have around the house. It could be enough for some movie tickets or a gift card.

Maggie Branch

Friday 18th of December 2015

These are really great ways. My husband and I have an extra trash can that we use for empty cans and those cans get cashed in on a rainy day.

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