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10 New Year’s Resolutions to Spoil Your Pet

There’s nothing better than the companionship of a pet. Pets are fluffy, lovable and a lot of fun. They give us comfort and friendship when we need it the most. Why not spoil our pets a little for all of the unconditional love they give us? If you love and appreciate your pet and are looking for ways to show them, why not try out some of these ideas on how to spoil your pets?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Make New years resolutions to spoil your pet this year.

Let them sleep in your bed. This is easier to do with a tiny dog or cat for sure. Pets just want to be with you, though. Try making your pet a bed in your room, or just letting them crawl in with you. They will love cuddling up next to you and falling asleep warm and comfy.

Take your pet for walks. I know my dog loves to go on walks. Sometimes we all need to get out of the house. Taking your dog on walks will help you fulfill your new year’s resolution to get more exercise. It’s great exercise for not only you, but your pet as well.


Find your pet a soft bed. There are so many sizes and types of pet beds. Find your pet a soft, fluffy place to rest their head. A pet bed is a really good idea if you don’t really like them on your furniture. It’s good for them to have a soft, comfy place to lay down at.

Get your pet a toy they love. Who doesn’t love getting new toys? Pets do too. Grab your pet a new ball, chew toy, yarn ball, or whatever they would love.

Pet toys

Play with them. Take that new toy that you got them and play with them. Pets, like humans, just want love and attention. Throw a ball, pet them or roll around on the floor with them. Your pet will love the attention that you give them.

Take them to the park. I know my cat didn’t do well on a leash, so the cat may not want to go, but the dog sure will. My dog, like my kids, loves to go to the park. So hook on a leash and go spend an hour or two in the beautiful outdoors. This is a great new year’s resolution to spoil your pets. Dogs need to be socialized and play with other dogs. They will be happier and healthier with a little outdoor time.

Take your dog to the park

Hug and cuddle them. This isn’t too hard to do. They are so soft, warm and fluffy, that cuddling is always nice. Grab your pet and spoil them by petting and cuddling them. They will feel loved and content with all your attention.

Give them treats. I like treats and I’m sure you do too. Well, so does your pets. Find a nice treat that they love and be sure to dish them out. Your pet will be so happy with a tasty treat.

Puringa Beneful dog treats

Take them with you on trips. If you are going on a trip somewhere where your pet can go, you should take them. Nobody likes to be left home alone while everyone else gets to go have fun. Spoil your pet by bringing them along.

Camping trip with the dog

Buy them good food. We all want our pets to live a long, healthy life. That’s why we pick the best food we can find that they love. Beneful is constantly providing health and happiness to your pets through the food they eat every day.

Happy healthy dog

Beneful’s new recipes are full of flavor and texture to keep your dog begging for more. Beneful’s dry dog food uses real meat as the number one ingredient. It has accents of vegetables and no added sugar to keep your best friend happy and healthy for many years to come.

This New Year, when you’re making your resolutions, make New Year’s resolutions to spoil your pet. Our pets do so much to add joy and comfort to our lives. Let’s show them some love back and spoil them with all the things they enjoy the most.

What does your pet love to be spoiled with?



Thursday 5th of January 2017

I love you included pets in the New Year's resolutions. I'm going to use these for Mr. Cooper and my family too!

Rachael Yerkes

Thursday 5th of January 2017

We got a dog in November, and my kids are loving spoiling her. I took her with me today to pick them up from school. It was fun to read this and these ideas. thanks!

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

Thursday 5th of January 2017

We definitely spoil our fur babies. :) Thanks for the tips, so useful.

Hali @daytodayMOMents

Thursday 5th of January 2017

We don't have pets because of allergies but these are just so sweet!


Wednesday 4th of January 2017

The Farm cats outnumber us humans so we have no choice but to spoil them or we fear what might occur. I keep a large supply of treats and toys on hand for my kitties.

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