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10 Common Laundry Mistakes to Stop Making

Caring for our laundry is a weekly (and sometimes daily) part of running a household. But there are common laundry mistakes many people make that can affect your loads. Today, we’ve partnered with Tide to share some of those common mistakes in your laundry care routine, and offered simple fixes can help you better care for your laundry.

This post is sponsored by Tide. All opinions are my own. 

This common laundry mistakes are damaging your clothes, wasting energy, and making laundry harder than it needs to be. Stop making these 10 everyday laundry mistakes today!

10 Common Laundry Mistakes to Stop Making

1. How You Sort – It makes more sense to sort your clothing by the wash temperature when tossing them into the laundry baskets. You can check the tags just before they go into your hamper and make a decision then. When it’s time to head to the laundry room, it’s easy to sort your warm wash load by lights and darks in seconds.

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2. Those Zippers & Buttons – Take a few seconds to look over your clothing items before you toss them into the wash. Zip any loose zippers to keep them from snagging clothing. Unbutton any button up shirts to avoid putting extra stress on the fabric and protect your buttons from becoming weak.

3. Ignoring Clothing Labels – Your clothing labels are the key to preserving your fabrics and keeping your clothes in great condition for a long time to come. They will tell you the wash temperature that’s best suited to your clothing and what temperature to dry your clothing. It can even warn you if you should dry clean your items instead of a traditional wash cycle.

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4. Using Too Little or Too Much Detergent – Using too much detergent can waste money and resources and produce an excess of suds in the wash. Not enough detergent can keep your clothes from getting a deep clean. Tide PODS plus Downy are pre-measured in one simple pod, so it’s really easy to get just the right amount of detergent each time following the package directions, no guess-work needed:

  • 1 POD for small/medium loads
  • 2 PODS for large loads
  • 3 PODS for x-large loads

5. Overloading the Drum – Overfilling your washer or dryer can make it harder for the clothes to get an effective clean. Pay attention to max limits. You’ll also want to put in your clothing items one at a time, rather than dumping in the basket of clothing all at once, to ensure the clothing isn’t packed into the machine or tangled before the load even starts.

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6. Waiting Between Cycles – Your dryer is built to tackle back-to-back cycles. There is no need to wait for your dryer to cool down or rest between loads. By switching the loads right away, you’ll save energy as your dryer is already to temperature.

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7. Adding Detergents Incorrectly – Different detergents have different directions. It’s important to know how to use your detergent so make sure you read the packaging! Some detergents go into the soap dispenser, others go right into the drum. Some detergents should go in before your clothing, others after. For example, Tide PODS plus Downy work best if you put them into the washing drum directly, don’t add them to your soap dispenser. You’ll want to put the PODS in before you add any clothing. Just toss your PODS in, add clothing, then start your wash cycle.

8. Scrubbing Stains – It’s tempting to want to scrub and scrub at stains to remove any evidence. But that can damage clothing! Instead, try dabbing at the stain with a clean cloth and treat stains as soon as you can. Need to remove ink? Try rubbing alcohol and blot to help dry out the ink stain. To help with lipstick stains, start by gently scraping off any excess residue from the lipstick before blotting.

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9. Ignoring the Lint Trap – Most people know you should empty the lint trap before you start a new dryer cycle. But something you may not think to do is giving that lint catcher a good clean. Plan to give your lint trap a good clean about twice a year. You can use a small amount of washing detergent and a toothbrush to clean it, then let it air dry before using your dryer cycle again. You should also check the dryer air vent behind your machine and clear it out, when necessary.

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10. Storing Detergents Too Low – Laundry detergent can be big, heavy, and bulky. It’s tempting to leave it right on top of the dryer or a counter to keep it easy to reach and accessible. However, accidents can happen quickly, so to ensure everyone in your household is as safe as possible, always make sure to keep your laundry products stored up, closed out of reach, and secure.

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I hope these tips help improve your laundry care routine! One crucial part of our laundry care routine is Tide PODS.

Tide PODS get rid of the traditional problems of detergent as they aren’t heavy or bulky. Just store them in their original packaging to keep kids safe, and pull down the tub of PODS before each load to grab the necessary number of PODS for your wash load. My personal favorite? Tide PODS Plus Downy.

One way Tide PODS Plus Downy can help is by conditioning the wash water, in addition to clothing. And now, even those clothing items that traditionally couldn’t use fabric softeners, like your fitness apparel, can be conditioned to keep them in great shape. The formula has a combination of proprietary ingredients that both clean and protect clothes from stretching and fading during the wash cycle.

The unique 3-chamber design in Tide PODS helps ingredients exist harmoniously in the pac until they are mixed in the wash cycle for a while new cleaning experience.

We are teaming up with Tide all year to help you make the most of your laundry care routine. What questions do you have about caring for your laundry? Let me know in the comments and we’ll try to help!

Michelle Waller

Thursday 25th of May 2017

I didn't know a few of these! I never check the zippers and make sure that they are zipped up.


Thursday 25th of May 2017

Laundry is my downfall. Thanks for sharing some great tips. I haven't tried Tide Pods yet, I think I need to give them a go.

Donna Ward

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Always enjoy learning - and these tips were all wonderful - Zippers & Buttons - didn't know this about the buttons especially and Need to remove ink? Try rubbing alcohol and blot to help dry out the ink stain - that was excellent, also

Toni | Boulder Locavore

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Tide Pods are like my best friend when it comes to doing our laundry! So easy to use and it keeps our clothes clean!

Lena B

Thursday 25th of May 2017

How bad is it that I am ignoring most of these? I have to get better at it!

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