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Keeping up with the Hottest Trends!

How do you bring the hottest runway fashion trends into your everyday looks? I am certainly not the most in-tune to fashion but here are some things I try to do to stay still in touch with the styles. I can’t wait to read others tips to get some great ideas!
1. Watch the celebrities! If you want to see what the newest trends and styles are you can watch the celebrities as they are among the first to pick up on the new styles. This can be as easy as glancing at magazine covers while checking out at the grocery stores.2. Jewelry! Pay especially close attention to their accessories as well. Are they wearing thin and delicate necklaces or thick chunky necklaces? Then head to your closet to see which styles you already own will make a similar fit.

3. Hair Styles – Be brave enough to try new hair styles and different looks then the same old ponytail look. This can also include trying hair clips, bows, headbands, whatever is currently in.

4. Shoes – Add a little bit more dressed up shoes with a casual outfit or colorful shoes to a more plain outfit to pop something fun and interesting into your wardrobe!

5. Color! Colors seem to go in spurts and this is a really easy way to look in fashion! If you watch what the hot color of the season is you can look for items in those colors when you are shopping and just by having the in color you will really stand out. I remember when green was all the rage and anything green I would wear all of a sudden was just really cute!

6. Tailoring – I haven’t ever actually had my clothes tailored – but this would be a GREAT way to really make your clothes stand out. Being only 5’4″ most the time my jeans are too long on me and drag on the ground. If I got the jeans tailored that would make a huge difference to how in fashion I would look! If you are sewing savvy then this is an easy fix!

7. Skirts/Dresses – I’m such a jeans and t-shirt type of girl but a great way to doll up your wardrobe is mix it up some by wearing dresses or skirts on occasion. If you get a more casual and comfortable dress you don’t have to be uncomfortable for the sake of fashion!

8. Layering – I can’t wear any clothing that’s too low cut or skimpy so I use a lot of layering. If you get some nice lower layers with appropriate neck lines to match with other tops then the layers won’t look bad and you can open your wardrobe to a whole new variety of different kinds of tops you might have otherwise passed by!

9. Make it your own – Feel free to go arts and crafts with your clothes! If the cut up look is in you can make your own rips and tears or edging to your pants. If patches are the in look they are easy enough to add to your clothing! You can also embroider, bedazzle, add glitter, be creative!

10. Garage Sales – I recently stopped at several garage sales looking for some new shirts that would work well for nursing. While at one home I found THE cutest tops and got several tops for just $1 a piece! This was a great way to get something a little bit nice then where I usually shop and also something a bit different as well!


I would LOVE to hear your tips for keeping up with the hottest trends and for being in fashion as I can certainly use help in this area!! Leave your tips in the comments!

*I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Kenmore blogging program, making me eligible to get a $50 gift card.