Heart Burst Printable Valentine Envelopes

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There are tons of cute homemade valentine cards ideas out there for our younger children’s classrooms. Tweens and teens, however, are much harder to plan classroom valentines for. This Valentine envelopes printable is cute, unique, and easy and perfect for your older kids! It combines a cute envelope valentine that can be wrapped around a pack of gum which the older kids will love to receive this Valentine’s Day!

Heart Burst Printable Valentine Envelopes

Heart Burst Bubble Gum Valentine

You’ll need: 

  • Juicy Fruit® Starburst® Gum
  • Heart stickers
  • Cardstock or printer paper
  • Printer

Heart Burst Bubble Gum Valentine

Begin by printing out the free Heart Burst Valentine envelope printable. It comes with 2 per sheet. You can print on regular printer paper or cardstock. I prefer the cardstock as it is thicker and feels more presentable, but the cardstock is a bit tougher to fold since it is thick. Use whichever paper format you prefer. You can grab the free Heart Burst printable by clicking on the link below. It will open up the PDF in a new tab where you can view, print, or save the file.

Heart Burst Printable Valentine Envelopes PDF

When you have the envelopes printed, cut out each square. Then, start by folding in the right and left edge with the design facing down towards the table. Fold each edge in until you are folding right at the small heart edging at the top and bottom edges as your guide. In this picture, you can barely see the little red circles peeking over the folded edge.

Heart Burst Valentine 01293

Next, fold up the bottom and down the top folding just below the rows of hearts so that the whole strip of hearts shows like you can see here.

Heart Burst Valentine 01294

Then, open up the folds and place the pack of gum right in the center. Create second creases on each of the four sides to enclose the gum in your envelope. After the two sides and bottom edge are folded up, place a large heart sticker to hold the folds together. You can tuck in the fourth edge like an envelope or you can use the sticker to hold all four of the folds.

Heart Burst Bubble Gum Valentine

There you have it! You can child easily whip out enough of these homemade Valentine envelopes to pass out to all of their friends this Valentine’s Day. Best of all, the kids will love the fruit candy flavor. I really like Starbursts® so it was fun to try a gum with their flavors. It was a good mix of the candy flavor without feeling like I was just chomping away on a piece of candy as it still had the gum texture and bit of taste to it.

Heart Burst Bubble Gum Valentine

The Starburst® flavors were just released as part of the Juicy Fruit® line of sugar free gum. It is available in both Strawberry and Cherry varieties in both a single-pack with 15 sticks and a multi-pack with 3 of the individual single-packs. You can find this new flavorful gum at your local Target stores.

2015-01-20 12.26.24

Look at the front register and in the candy/gum aisle. Plus, they have a great coupon to stretch your Valentine’s budget farther! Head her to download your coupon and Save Now at Target!


Are you most excited to try the new Strawberry or Cherry flavor?

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  3. This is such an adorable way to say I love you, or you are special on V-Day! My kids are all about gum too!

  4. What a cute idea! I’m saving this for my grandson, he is in preschool now, but this will be great for when he is older! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven’t seen the new Starburst gum but I definitely need to keep an eye out for it. These are very cute and just the right level for the tween to make herself!

  6. Argh, we wanted to do something almost exactly like this! Just discovered that gum isn’t allowed at all at our school!

  7. I love this idea! It is such a fun project. My daughter will totally love this. We have actually tried both flavors the New Starburst Juicy Fruit gum and they are awesome. I like the Cherry the best!

  8. I am excited to try the Cherry flavor first. This is such a cute way to give a sweet treat for Valentines day.

  9. I picked up some of this gum yesterday and going to make Valentines for my little neighbors

  10. These are so awesome, I am going to make them with my niece who is in 7th grade. She always complains about Valentine’s cards being babyish, these are perfect.

  11. Loving these new flavors, how yummy, and the envelopes are a great idea for these gum packs.

  12. I would love either flavor but todaay the cherry sounds great. I like this idea, its very cute and easy to do. I also like it is kid friendly and they could easily help make them.

  13. This is such a cute idea! I love this gum! I have been chewing it the last week and it has a lot of flavor. I like the Cute Heart burst Valentines!

  14. My daughter loves crafty things like this, she will want to do this for her class, thanks!!