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Visa CARD Prepaid Debit Card

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This past year, we have been trying to teach our young boys early lessons about financial responsibility. We have started by assigning them each responsibilities that they must do as part of the family. Then, we have offered up extra jobs they can take on if they would like and can earn a payment if they complete their job each week.

This has been a win-win as the kids love earning money and I get help with the endless tasks that need to be done around the house. The only down side is I am always finding their bills and coins around the home not really being taken care of. In this day and age, the reality is they won’t probably use cold hard cash all that often. That’s where, I think this new offering by Visa could be a great option for the right circumstances.


You can now get a Visa CARD prepaid debit card! You load up funds on to the card and then you can use the card just like a debit card (including not being able to go over!) anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. We got to take a preloaded card for a test spin.

I’ve paid with the prepaid gift cards before, and it’s always a challenge trying to figure out how much of a balance you have left, if the card has expired, will it be accepted, how do I need to run the card, etc etc. Using the Visa CARD was truly as easy as using my debit card. My purchase was under the $50 balance that was activated on my card so when I logged into my account online, I could very easily see my transactions as well as my balance.

Visa CARD prepaid debit

The new Visa CARD prepaid debit card would be an awesome way to give preteens, teens and college students a cash “allowance” so that they can begin to learn responsibility without worrying about them facing overdrafts or relying on a credit card. When your child off at school calls home that they need funds, you won’t have to wire them funds, you can simply login and add to their balance (if you choose to).

The CARD even gives you access to ATMs worldwide so you have simple access to your cash when you need it most. Plus, they have hundreds of fun designs to pick from. You get to customize your card when you sign up to create something uniquely your style. There are no fees for activation or inactivity but you will pay a monthly maintenance fee of $5.95 that will be waived with a direct deposit of at least $800 per month. A $3 ATM fee also applies.

How would you use the Visa CARD prepaid debt card?