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The Theranos Approach to Healthcare

This post is sponsored by Theranos. All opinions are my own. 

Is there anything more important that our health? It often determines our daily experiences, life expectancy, even how we are able to interact with others.

Consider how a basic flu bug can put you out of work for a few days, lead friends and family to avoid you to keep from catching your bug, and leave you feeling weak and tired.

If something that lasts just a few days can have such an impact on our lives, what about bigger health challenges? What if you could get a sneak peek into your own health, whenever you wanted? Worried about your cholesterol levels? Have a family history of diabetes? Or maybe you simply need blood work for a normal life stage such as pregnancy.

Theranos is completely changing the way we have access to our own health information — and in the process, they’re making it affordable, so easy to access and virtually painless.

Consider the traditional lab approach: You schedule a visit with your doctor for a check-up, and after you speak to the doctor, you leave with an order requiring you to make another stop, at another time, to get blood drawn. At the lab, you have a tight band wrapped around your upper arm and as the several vials are filled with blood you may start to feel light headed. Have you ever stared down at the three or four vials thinking to yourself that there must be a better way? Do they really need that much blood?

Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, had a different vision in mind. She envisioned a system where blood draws were less painful, could require less blood, and be more affordable. It seemed too big a goal to imagine, but through her persistence and hard work, Theranos was born.


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 The Theranos Approach

“Our mission is to make actionable information accessible to everyone at the time it matters.” (Theranos Mission)

Size Matters – At Theranos, all of the blood draws use the smallest sample size possible. Some tests require as little as a few drops, while others might require a venous draw. No matter the actual amount of blood required, the draws use smaller sample sizes than a traditional lab.

Smaller Sample Sizes – Many of the tests offered by Theranos can use a simple finger stick prick. Using a vial approximately the size of a dime, Theranos will collect a few drops of blood and complete the test. So whether it’s a tiny micro-sample collected with a finger stick, or the smallest venous draw sample used by any traditional lab, Theranos tests mean less blood, an easier process, and a clear difference.

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Transparent Pricing – No more surprises when it comes time for billing. Theranos publishes a clear pricing menu for all of their tests. This pricing list is available on their website as well as in lab. The prices are a fraction of traditional labs. No insurance or a high co-pay won’t limit your access to understanding your health.

Flexible Hours – Have you ever had to take off time from work just to visit a lab? Theranos understands that traditional lab hours often limit access from those who need it most. With Theranos, you’ll find Wellness Centers that are open on evenings and weekends. Even better, you won’t need an appointment to visit.


Photo Credit: Flickr Jurvetson, Image cropped

Quick, Clear Results – With Theranos, you’ll have your results fast – in less than 48 hours! Additionally, you’ll be able to view your results right through the Theranos app, giving you access to your own results!

No Lab Order Required (Arizona) – The Arizona HB 2645 bill was passed on April 6, 2015 and will become effective throughout the state on July 3, 2015. This bill allows consumers to request their own blood work and tests in any lab, including Theranos Wellness Centers, without requiring a doctor’s order.

In the end, it all comes down to our right to know, and understand, our own health. Theranos is making that possible with tests that can help with early detection of common diseases.

When we have the access available to us to better understand our own health we are empowered to take action, make changes, or seek treatments. Theranos is working to bring about a day when lab testing is accessible and affordable for everyone. So people can engage with their health and their physicians like never before. It’s time to take a step forward to #OwnYourHealth and be empowered with the information you need to be proactive and take preventative measures you may need.

You can find Theranos Wellness Centers in over 40 Walgreens stores, typically found near the pharmacy.

Felicita Moncada

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

I like that this is so much simpler! I hate getting my blood taken so this is perfect. Less blood is awesome!

Laura Hinckley

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

In my previous life before blogging I was a Phlebotomist. I applaud the efforts of Theranos and know its very necessary for our world where everyone wants and needs convenience. Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday 1st of July 2015

This is a great idea! The wait times at labs I've been to has been hours, and that's when you go on a non-peak time! It shouldn't take that long to get a little bit of blood for a test!

Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

I've had my blood drawn for testing many times during my pregnancies, and it's always painful and obnoxious! More efficient testing would have made my life a lot easier!


Tuesday 30th of June 2015

This sounds like a lot better way of doing this process. Thanks for sharing.

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