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60 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers to Teens!

Bust past cries of summer boredom with your own, completely customized, summer bucket list! Today, we’re sharing with you how we made our fun summer bucket list color-in poster plus a list of summer bucket list ideas for toddlers, grade school kids, teens, and families to help you fill in your charts with your own perfect activities to fill your summer break!

60 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers to Teens! Ideas for Summer Bucket Lists

How to Make a Summer Bucket List Poster

We started off our summer break talking about all the things we wanted to do together as a family this summer. They could be little things, like catching fireflies in the backyard or eating watermelon. We decided to make a celebration out of all things summer and include both big and small things we wanted to do during our summer break. My boys are on year round school, so we have just the month of July off to enjoy.

I picked up a large white poster board from the dollar store. Then, we wrote out a list of what we wanted to include on our poster and I started writing and drawing (what was easy enough to draw) out all of the ideas onto our poster.

60 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers to Teens! Summer Bucket List 06962

It took us about an hour in total to create our summer bucket list poster! From here, we’ll color in the activities as we’ve completed them and at the end of summer break we’ll have a fun and colorful poster showing off all of the things we’ve done together as a family this summer!

15 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers

  1. Attend a library program
  2. Go to a splash pad
  3. Have a playdate
  4. Build a house from boxes
  5. Ride on a train
  6. Play at a restaurant playspace
  7. Color with sidewalk chalk
    60 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers to Teens! Summer Bucket List 06951
  8. Blow bubbles
  9. Play with a parachute (or large blanket in it’s place)
  10. Paint rocks
  11. Experiment with a sensory bin
  12. Have a bubble bath
  13. Make homemade playdoh
  14. Go to a puppet show
  15. Play at a local museum

15 Bucket List Ideas for Grade School Kids

  1. Make a treasure hunt
  2. Set up an obstacle course
  3. Build a blanket fort
  4. Ride bikes
  5. Pick berries
    60 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers to Teens! Summer Bucket List 06981 2 1
  6. Attend a summer camp
  7. Make friendship bracelets
  8. Set-up a sprinkler under the trampoline
  9. Play hide-‘n-go-seek
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Eat ice cream
  12. Have a Nerf war
  13. Read 10 books
  14. Make S’mores
  15. Try science experiments

15 Ideas for Teen Summer Bucket Lists

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Have a sleepover
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Visit a theme park
  5. Have a water balloon fight
  6. Play sardines
  7. Put together puzzles
  8. Design a board game
  9. Bake cookies
  10. Make your own t-shirt design
  11. Go to the lake
  12. Join a sports camp
  13. Challenge a friend to a game of “HORSE” in basketball
  14. Learn a new skill
  15. Visit a skate park

15 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Families

  1. Visit a drive-in movie theater
  2. Go to a concert in the park
  3. Have a family sleepover in the living room
  4. Find a summer job
  5. Go to a farmer’s market
  6. Go on a hike
  7. Have a family picnic
  8. Go to a family reunion
  9. Go to the beach
  10. Go fishing
    60 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers to Teens! Summer Bucket List 06966
  11. Go camping
  12. Host a barbecue
  13. Go on a stay-cation around your local city
  14. Play board games together
  15. Plan 1-on-1 date nights

What other fun family summer bucket list ideas do you have? We’d love to hear even more fun ideas we can all add to our summer plans. Leave your summer fun ideas in the comments to help add to the list!

Marcie W.

Wednesday 1st of August 2018

So many wonderful activity suggestions on this list. We only have two short weeks of summer break left and I plan to incorporate a few of these excellent ideas. Thanks!

Jaclyn Anne

Monday 30th of July 2018

My little guy just turned 1 and is now starting to walk! I think that I officially have a toddler on my hands! Thanks for all these great toddler activity ideas, I can't wait to try them with him before summer ends!


Sunday 22nd of July 2018

We've managed to pull off quite a few of these already! Hosting a BBQ is next on our list!

Kelly Stilwell

Thursday 19th of July 2018

Wow! What a great list! Sharing! So many kids are bored at this point in the summer!


Thursday 19th of July 2018

Love this and the best part is the range of ages it can work for. Thank you!

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