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Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill Review!

Step2 grand walk-in kitchen

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Step2 has introduced a gorgeous new kitchen that brings the fun of outdoor cooking on the grill indoors! The Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill is a large play structure designed to encourage multi-child play with room both inside and along the perimeter of the kitchen with play areas built-in! It features a grill, stove top, and phone that all made sounds and respond when your child plays. In addition to the grill and stove top, you’ll also find an oven, refrigerator, sink, microwave, and built-in cabinets and storage baskets for all the play food. This Walk-In Kitchen comes with a full play food and accessories set with 103 pieces that includes foods, dishes, pot holders and spatulas, spices, and more!

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill Review! Step2 Grand Walk in Kitchen

My boys have really enjoyed their play kitchen. With three boys all close in age at 6, 4, and 2, the kitchen has provided a place that all three kids can play and interact together with room for all of them. My 2 year old absolutely loves the phone and the stove top while my 4 year old is always finding places to stash all the foods in the fridge and cupboards. My 6 year old likes to play at the grill the best, just like dad. All three of my kids will bring me all sorts of meals, often topped with seasonings or sauces. The included set of accessories is fabulous with a ton of variety and everything you need to get started. While there are built-in cabinets and areas to store the play food, the set is so large that it is really difficult to get all the pieces properly stored on the play kitchen. We’ve added a tote to be able to quickly and easily clean up and store all the play food and accessories when they’re not being used. The only thing I don’t like about this play kitchen is the foam floor pad does not attach, but rather just sits below the kitchen between two tracks. That means, if the kitchen gets move at all the flooring is often knocked off the track and off aligned.

Check out the Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill in use!


You can find the Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill directly on the Step2 website. It retails for $259.99. This Step2 product is Made in the US!

Disclosure: I received a Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill for review as part of the Step2 Test Drive Mom blogger program. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.


Tuesday 13th of November 2012

Thank you for this review! I'm checking out different kitchens and play houses for Christmas and this is a top item on our list. We have a 7,5, and 16 month old daughters, so we're hoping to get something all three will play with.

Linda Shore Rochon

Friday 19th of October 2012

What a great toy, two of my daughters had little walk in kitchens (different types as they were 14 years apart in age) and it was their favorite thing to do. My youngest actually had hers set up in our kitchen so that she could cook with me.


Friday 19th of October 2012

Holy cow, that is SO COOL! I would have gone nuts for this when I was a kid. Neato!!

Shell Fruscione

Thursday 18th of October 2012

We LOVE that kitchen! We don't have it but a local kid's place where we play sometimes does & my son spends the majority of his time there using it!

Crystal Bowley Reagan

Thursday 18th of October 2012

How fun. My children would have loved that when they were younger.

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