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13 Spring Activities Perfect for the Whole Family

Springtime weather is always a surprise. It’s filled with warm, sunny, beautiful days and a mix of cold dreary days you still way to stay tucked up inside. We’re sharing some really fun ways to get active and play together as a family, no matter the weather!

We received a variety of samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own. 

13 Spring Activities Perfect for the Whole Family

spring activities

1. Hang out in a Unique Fort

What kid doesn’t love playing in a fort? Set up a customized fort and then hang out reading, watching a moving, telling ghost stories, or even taking an afternoon nap. Pacific Play Tents makes hanging out in a fort like setting so much fun with their Interchangeable Multi-Panel Teepee! Just arrange the colorful panels as you’d like them, and button the fabric sides up each of the pole sleeves for a teepee hangout ready in about 15 minutes.

Spring RU00701

My boys have an adventure themed bedroom, so we’ve left our teepee up for them to hang out in and read whenever they need a mini-escape. A 10′ rainbow parachute will provide hours of fun, or make it a cinch to create a custom fort. Just toss the lightweight parachute over top your creation for an instant fort that’s colorful and fun! You can find these toys (and more) for hours of imaginative play at


2. Build an Obstacle Course

Spring RU00809

Some of my favorite times as a kid was creating obstacle course races with my brothers. We’d set up cones, hula hoops, jump ropes, playground balls, and whatever else we could find to make a challenging course to compete in. One child can make the rules of the course and then set off on a race to see who comes out champion, then switch roles!

Spring RU00803

Oriental Trading Co. has everything you could dream up for creating your own backyard games. Start with colorful traffic cones and 8.5″ playground balls, then add in an obstacle course ring set, jumbo playing dice, and adorable happy face nylon bean bags for all sorts of backyard games! Find so many more fun toys and games for outdoor or indoor obstacle course games at


3. Practice Storytelling

Spring RU121140485

A good storytelling is the heart of all imaginative play. When you and your children are able to enter an imaginary world together full of laughter and conflict and rich character development you’ll be able to see a sneak peek into their mind and the way they think. American Girl dolls are a great way to build those connections and stories together. I was over the moon excited to hear that American Girl just release their very first 18″ boy doll, Logan!

Spring RU00684-2

As a mom of all boys, I really appreciate the latest edition to their gorgeous line of dolls as it can enrich the story lines and playtime and reach a boy audience to engage them in play. Logan is a drummer featured as a co-star to Tenney Grant and their band and is introduced in her second book. He has a unique hand position to help him hold instruments! We love American Girl for all of their gorgeous dolls and books that help inspire you to dream big and take a chances. Find Logan, Tenney, or your own favorite doll at


4. Play a Game Together

Playing games together as a family gives you the opportunity to have fun, build memories, and communicate with each others. It’s one of my family’s personal favorite pastimes. When looking for fun games everyone in the family can enjoy, one of my favorite game publishers is Rio Grande Games. We’re  having so much fun giving Coloretto a try It’s a quick and simple card game with some interesting strategy and challenge. In Coloretto, you try to collect cards of the same color doing the best you can to stick to only 3 colors. At the end of the game, you’ll score points for only three of the colors you’ve collected and lose points for all other colors.

Spring RU

One fun game we’ve played for years is Bohnanza where you’ll compete to collect sets of beans to sell off for gold. You’ll have limited planting space to work with, so it will take a little luck and some strategy. For a more strategic game night, try Elfenroads a combo pack of Elfenlands with two expansions for even more fun and replay. Race to visit as many of the different famous towns in Elfenland using a variety of modes of transportation and racing against the other players with the limited transportation available. Find a huge assortment of fun games, including these three favorites, at


5. Play in the Rain

Spring RU00838

Spring may bring your last few rainy days until we get back around to fall. Take advantage of the grey skies and puddles and get out in the rain together as a family. The kids will have a ball splashing and stomping around in the puddles and giggling about all the rain pouring down onto their faces. I love watching the magic on my little ones faces when they get to play out in the rain, and it always creates these amazing moments I just have to capture.

Spring RU00842

Sneak outside too under a windproof umbrella and you’ll be able to capture all the exciting moments to share later. The C-shaped handle of these unique umbrellas will help you stay hands free while you play! What’s really cool about this umbrella is it folds inside out so the dry side is left exposed and all the wet side is trapped on the inside together. Head over to their Amazon shop to see all the details and cute patterns to choose from.


6. Go on an Adventure

Spring RU00873

Springtime is a great time of the year to get outside and explore together. Hit the trails and learn about the birds and wildlife around you. Or take a trip to the aquarium. Even a trip on the city bus can be a big adventure! No matter where you head, bring along TOOBS® by Safari LTD.

Spring RU00850

TOOBS® are an easily portable plastic tube filled with detailed toys perfect for creating your own little adventures wherever you roam. Each tube is based off a theme like a Pirates TOOB® that includes 10 pieces including a ship, captain, crew mates, a skeleton, even a cannon pieces. Or the adorable Pets TOOB® with 12 darling pets including like a hamster, goldfish, frog, iguana, and of course a cat and dog. Check out the entire collection of TOOBS at


7. Cooperative Play with a Nintendo 3DS

Did you know that you can link Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming systems together to play multiplayer games in co-operative play or competitive play modes? The Nintendo line-up of games has lots of fun titles that can be played together to let the kids play without fighting over who gets the next turn. Enjoy titles including Pokemon Sun or Moon, Mario Party Star Rush, YO-KAI Watch 2, Kirby: Planet Robobot, with more than one player!

nintendo 3ds

The New Nintendo 3DS XL gaming system is compatible with all your old DS and DSi games so you can easily upgrade to a new system and take a whole library of games with you. Take cool 3D photos or videos, interact in game play with 3D mode or easily toggle off the 3D to see the same game in 2D. The 3DS XL features a touch screen for easy access to all of your menus and in-game features, a circle pad for precise 360° control and a smaller C stick control for subtle movements, and back button ZL / ZR / L / R buttons for even more control options at your fingertips. To learn more about the New Nintendo 3DS XL and check out the latest games, visit


8. Get Cooking Together

Teach your kids a new skill, like how to cook, with Kidstir. Food always brings the family together around the table. One thing they’re noticing about the growing generations is that they don’t know how to cook. In our busy lives, were foregoing teaching our kids to cook and instead, eating out or whipping up a quick meal when we get home from work. Do your kids and their future families a service and teach them how to cook.

Kidstir kids cooking subscription box

Kidstir can be an exciting and easy way to introduce cooking to your kids. Kidstir is a monthly subscription box that mails you new recipes and cooking gadgets to try out every month. Watch your recipe collection, kitchen gadgets and your kid’s skills in the kitchen grow each and every month. Learn more about their unique monthly subscription that builds your recipe collection each month at


9. Craft & Play Sports Together

Spring RU00930

Creating a craft project together can be both a fun activity and leave you with something to remember those moments you’ve spent together. Girls will go crazy for it and spend countless hours lost in the project. This darling Paint Your Own Stepping Stones set will let each of your children create their own project, and they can also beautify your home and garden throughout spring! Or try Imaginations Patterns Deluxe for a quiet crafting project with endless possibilities.

Spring RU00929

When the art project is done, hit the outdoors for a fun sporty playdate in the backyard. MindWare offers a really fun Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball that will thrill the whole family! Seriously, who wouldn’t have a blast running and chasing after a ball as big as them! The giggles are sure to ensue and it will burn off so much energy to give you a mellow rest of the day. If they still have energey to burn, try a round of Twangled to create a family puzzle you can work your way out of together. MindWare has so many toys that can really engage your children in learning while they play that will keep them active, busy, and having a great spring break.


10. Listen to a Story

Listening to a story together opens up an opportunity to bond and communicate as you share your thoughts, laughs, and sometimes even tears as you fall in love with the characters of a great story. Some children even learn best by listening, and a story can be a powerful way to teach important life lessons about growing up, making friends, facing difficulties, gaining confidence, and so much more. Studies have shown that listening to audiobooks can improve comprehension by 76%! What an easy way to work on their comprehension as you discuss the story together.


You can find your favorite stories, whether for the kids, yourself, or the whole family, on the Volumes app by Penguin Random House. Listen to funny stories the whole family can enjoy together like Lion, Frank Einstein, or See You in the Cosmos. You can even relive your favorite stories like Harry Potter together with your children to share those characters you already love. Download the Volumes app on iOS devices. Browse the audiobook library at


11. Practice Learning Through Play

Spring RU00895

Playing games is a powerful way you can reinforce, practice, or even teach your children in a way that won’t feel like learning at all. Gamewright offers a huge assortment of games that the whole family can enjoy together! Two of our new favorites are all about dice and packaged in a perfectly small box that can go with you anywhere you head this spring! In Rolling America you’ll compete to fill up as many of the states as you can with the dice numbers rolled. You’ll have to play carefully, though, as each touching box needs to be no more than one different than the boxes already on your playing sheet. For example, if you have a 2 already on the board in one of your green boxes, you can place a 1, 2, or 3 in the boxes beside it. It’s a great game to introduce the states, counting, color recognition, and simple equations.

Spring RU00899

Qwixx became an instant favorite with my 6, 8, and 10 year old boys and it’s a game I’m loving, too! The game is such a simple concept, and rules, but there’s a lot to think about and decide. It makes the game accessible to even my 6 year old can join in but I stay just as challenged. You’ll decide which number set to score each round matching one white dice with one colored dice and all players can score the combination of the two white dice. Then, cross off our score sheet always moving further to the left and limiting your available options. Simple, fun, and everyone has something to do even when it’s not their roll. Great for matching colors, addition, sequence, logical thinking, and other skills! Find these fun games, and other titles, at


12. Spend Time Outside

There is nothing quite as refreshing as springtime air. Spring is the perfect time to go outside, head to the park, ride bikes, and spend some time in the sun. However, if you’re going to be spending time outdoors, it’s important that your skin stays protected. That’s why I’m not going anywhere this spring with out my GLOW for a cause beauty products.

glow for a cause

GLOW for a cause is such a fun company that focuses on high quality (and incredible smelling) body creams, face creams, and perfumes. Although all of their scents smell SO yummy, one of my favorites is Vibe. What’s also cool about GLOW for a cause is that with each purchase, a portion of the proceeds is given to charity. Talk about the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated and smelling fresh this spring.


13. Reconnect With Loved Ones

Spring is a great time for new beginnings – which includes reconnecting and establishing deeper bonds with old friends and family members. Whether that means hitting the road, making phone calls, or video messaging loved ones, it’s important that your phone stays charged and ready to go.


Wrapped in durable paracord, Paracable lightening cables charge your mobile device faster than inferior cables. Measuring at 5 feet in length, these sleek cords are perfect for plugging in at home or on-the-go. Available in a variety of colors such as green, orange, and blue, Paracable‘s lightening cables will keep you charged wherever your spring adventures take you.

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13 fun, active, engaging, creative family activities for spring! Play outdoors or inside playtime will be a blast with all of these fun ways to play with your kids!

ellen beck

Sunday 2nd of April 2017

Lots of great ideas! I m struck how Logan has become part of your childs life. American Girl I think did a terrific job with that doll and i love the back story. We have had a lot of rain so inside things are on the agenda.


Wednesday 29th of March 2017

Great ideas for entertaining my kids, sometimes I feel like I keep recycling the same activities. My son is really into games right now so setting up an obstacle course in our backyard will thrill him.

Chely frantzen

Monday 27th of March 2017

My kids love playing in their tee pee and also like to build forts with bed sheets

Peggy Nunn

Tuesday 21st of March 2017

I like the obstacle course and cooking together. We do cook together a great deal.


Sunday 12th of March 2017

What an awesome list. It brings back so many childhood memories. Playing games are always fun.

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