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Reminiscing on Holiday Traditions

My children always look forward to decorating for each of the holidays. They love pulling out the lights, linens, decals, and other decorations and helping to turn our home into a festive atmosphere! We have our Halloween decorations up still but we are all already anticipating setting up our Thanksgiving/Harvest decorations as well as our Christmas items! We had a tradition growing up where my mom would pick out a special ornament each year that coordinated but were each unique to all of us kids. It has been so fun looking back at my past Christmas ornaments and seeing what things stood out for our family that year that were represented in our our ornaments. For example, one year we took a trip to Mexico so that was reflected in our ornaments that year. It’s a tradition that really stands out to me and I’ve looked for ways to carry it on in my own home.

Christmas Figures from Collectables

Another fun “tradition” of sorts that comes up every Christmas as we begin searching for great gifts for those in our family is a joke that always comes up about what to buy for my husband’s sister. When my husband was younger, every single year he would pick out a candle that he thought she would like. After a few years, it became a tradition and he began to look for candles with unique features such as candles that would burn for over 100 hours or unique shaped candles. Now, she doesn’t like receiving candles at all after so many years receiving them as gifts, but we still always go looking through the candle section just for fun!

What fun holiday traditions does your family have?

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Christine Mayfield

Tuesday 23rd of October 2012

One of our holiday traditions is letting the kids decorate sugar cookies. It is a HUGE mess and the cookies are overloaded with icing but I love it.

Betsy Rubendall Barnes

Monday 22nd of October 2012

One of the funniest holiday tradition is when my sister and I were wearing perfume, my father always got us our favorite. Mine was Beautiful, but it hasn't been for about 20 some years but my dad still gets it for me every year :)

Sandra K321

Monday 22nd of October 2012

My husband's side of the family (and our surname) is German so ever since the boys were small we always do the tradition of hiding the pickle somewhere on the Christmas tree. Then on Christmas morning the boys try to find it and, according to tradition, the first to find it will have good luck all year long.

Heidi Daily

Monday 22nd of October 2012

When I was a child we lived with my grandparents and every year we would go out with my grandpa and pick out a tree. Now that I have children of my own we have started the same tradition to go to a local tree farm and pick our tree and cut it down.

amy v

Monday 22nd of October 2012

we bake our great grandma's Christmas cookie recipes and decorate them! I LOVE Christmas and spending time with my family.

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