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Quick & Delicious Meals From Seven Spoons

I received Seven Spoons’ Chicken Biryani & Gift Card in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

As chief chef in my home, I get tired of cooking the same meals countless times. When choosing new meals to add to my family’s dinner-time experience, I enjoy making simple yet delicious food. I am overjoyed to have stumbled upon Seven Spoons’ unique and delicious cuisines. Seven Spoons’ yummy meals are quick and healthy; talk about a win-win situation. My husband and I have been all smiles since devouring Seven Spoons‘ delicious Chicken Biryani.


In just minutes of preparation, Seven Spoons brings food from around the world to your dinner table. Combining fresh, all-natural ingredients, Seven Spoons’ tantalizing cuisine will keep you coming back for more. Seven Spoons’ three delectable meals will become instant family favorites : Chicken Biryani, Quinoa Vegetable Biryani, and Thai Green Curry.

chicken biryani

As soon as I opened my frozen bag of Chicken Biryani, the amazing aroma that filled the air even caused my dog to salivate – no joke! I noted that Seven Spoons’ Chicken Biryani called for 15 minutes of prep time; from freezer to dinner table, I was able to complete this meal in less than 15 minutes. I first started by cooking the basmati rice bags in the microwave for 3 minutes. While the rice was cooking, I heated up the remaining ingredients on a skillet. The smell of carmelized onions, dry roasted cashews, and chicken combined in a savory malsala sauce filled the air. After the Chicken Biryani was simmered to perfection, I stirred in the basmati rice and rang the dinner bell; talk about a simple and quick.  As my husband and I tasted Seven Spoons’ Chicken Biryani, all we could say was “WOW”. The home-cooked taste and exotic burst of flavor caused my husband and I to devour Seven Spoons’ Chicken Biryani in minutes.

With 0 g of trans-fat, 18 g of protein, 3 g of fiber, and only 460 calories per serving, Seven Spoon’s Chicken Biryani is healthy yet delicious. Each bag serves 3; my husband and I were able to enjoy the Chicken Biryani for two full meals. I look forward to adding Seven Spoons’ tantalizing cuisines to my family’s dinner menu for many years to come.

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