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The Best Portable Solar Generator for Emergencies

With the crazy past year we have had – globally, it’s been eye-opening to think how fragile our society is. Our everyday routines and comfortable home life can be turned upside down by a vast variety of different emergencies – from a pandemic to a hurricane or a unprecedented climate change or anything in-between.

One important way to prepare your home for emergencies is with the best portable solar generator! A portable generator powered by solar gives you flexibility to be ready for anything, no last-minute fuel runs, and it’s a clean and sustainable option for staying powered.

This post is sponsored by Generark. I received complimentary samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are included below.

Why Choose a Solar Generator

When you’re looking for an emergency solution to power your home, a solar powered generator should be your first go-to option! It’s a renewable way to create on-demand energy source that doesn’t cost a thing after you purchase your solution. You’ll be using the sun’s energy to run your home and power needs.

A traditional gas-powered generator relies on having access to fuel sources for keeping a supply of fuel on hand. Or, if you opt for a very expensive whole-house generator that is connected to your fuel line (such as natural gas), you run the risk of losing that stream of fuel supplies or extremely high rates as we saw during the recent freeze in Texas. The energy costs were astronomical! While a traditional generator isn’t a bad idea, for most home a portable solar generator option is much more sustainable, less expensive over the life of the unit, and more dependable.

With a Generark Solar Generator, you can keep your home important home devices charged and ready for use for up to 7 days on a single full charge. It’s simple to use, so easy to store away with it’s compact size, and completely portable generators!

How a Solar Generator Works

You start with SolarPower ONE – the best portable solar panels. Each solar panel generates 100W of power at it’s peak performance (based on sun conditions) which makes it quickly recharge the battery. They even have built-in USB-C and USB-A outputs at the back of the panels to help you easily recharge a smaller battery charger or charge your devices directly. These USB ports will give you the flexibility to charge your most popular electronic devices without needing the battery!

Generark has created highly efficient solar panels that use an industry-leading Monocrystalline solar cell that is 50% more energy conversion efficient that a traditional solar cell. You can recharge a HomePower ONE portable battery with about 8 hours of solar energy.

These panels fold compactly to make them so easy to store out of use when not needed to keep them protected and easy to find. Then, just fold them out and adjust the panels a couple of times throughout the day pointing them towards the sun. It is so quick and easy to setup, and put away, your solar power generators as needed.

Next, connect your solar panels to a HomePower ONE to store and preserve that energy for use. The HomePower ONE has 3x 110V AC outlets, 2x USB-C, 1x USB-A and 1x USB-A Quick Charge, and a Car Outlet outlets to give you flexible options for powering your home. Together, the outlets provide a 1000W electrical power source that can support a power surge of up to 2000W.

It can be charged of course with the solar panels but also can be recharged with an AC power outlet or with your car to start with a fully charged battery before an emergency strikes or to recharge the portable backup battery while on-the-go. The charged battery capacity will last up to a year in storage between charges. Plus, it will retain up to 80% of it’s battery life after 500 full cycles!

You can then use that stored power as a home backup power source to power all your home larger appliances, small appliances like a coffee maker, power tools, medical devices like a cpap machine, lighting, or whatever you need to power. For our family, we took a look at the things that we felt were most essential for our family in an emergency – our fridge, chest freezer, an induction cooktop, a couple of lights, and keeping our cell phones charged topped our personal list of priorities. Generark has a helpful guide for how much energy is consumed by common appliances and devices to help you gauge your supply needs.

Knowing the high-capacity battery storage and output values, you can compare to your home energy watt hours usage to best prepare your home to have sufficient power for your family’s needs. Or look at the energy consumption of the specific appliances and devices you want to be able to keep powered. The system is expandable by just adding additional solar panels and portable batteries to best suit your needs.

Why Generark is the Best Solar Generator:
Reliability You Can Trust

Generark has designed its solar powered generator system to be highly reliable and safe to use. First, they have well tested their devices and they are certified for safety and efficiency by 48 different certifications on the solar panels and 52 certifications for the portable battery including the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Communications Commission.

Next, they’ve built-in safety protections in both devices. In the solar panels, they are protected from over currents, short voltage, and short circuits so your panels will be protected from excess currents. The portable battery is protected from those three concerns as well as protection specific to a battery including over charge protection, over discharge protection, and temperature control.

And finally, Generark protects your purchase with first a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason, you can return your purchase for an exchange or a refund, less shipping and handling. Then, your devices continue to be covered under a 5-year limited warranty. This warranty covers normal use against any defects.

Your Generark Solar Generator will do more than just stick in the storage closet waiting for a catastrophe. It’s useful for everyday occasions, too, it will quickly become something you count on! Take it with you camping, to the beach, on your road trips, use it for your backyard parties, take it along with your jobs and projects and you’ll always have a place to power up during power outages! It’s even perfect for general home use as an ac wall outlet, wherever you need it with the long-life internal battery!

That makes it the best option for both everyday and emergency use and a great investment for your family. It’s compact, foldable, and overall small size lends to the flexibility to take it with you on all your adventures.

Solar Power Generator FAQs:

How many solar panels do I need to power a refrigerator?

Two portable solar panels of 100W each will charge a modern refrigerator (80w) for 10 hours. That is based off a fully charged 1000W portable battery per day that then is consumed to run your refrigerator. You can run your fridge during the hottest part of the days and while family members are utilizing the fridge. Then, unplug the fridge overnight while temperatures are cooler, leaving the door closed to keep in cold air.

How much power does a 100 watt solar panel produce?

A 100 watt solar panel will generate 100 watts of power, in ideal sun conditions, per hour. This is enough power to easily charge multiple small devices. A standard phone charger uses on average 5w per hour. A fast charger uses a minimums of 18w per hour. In ideal conditions, you could charge 5 phones/tablets by fast charger simultaneously with a 100w solar panel.

Are Portable Solar Panels Waterproof?

SolarPower ONE Solar Panels are IPX5 water resistant, meaning they can withstand a low-pressure, sustained, water spray. They are designed to withstand outdoor weather. However, portable solar panels should not be left out in the rain, snow, or high humidity conditions.

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