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Master Bedroom Room Design Makeover

I love seeing beautifully decorated homes and strive to make my home beautiful, too, but I’ve always struggled at adding that extra bit to really make the room design something special instead of sort of plain. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out an online e-decorating service! Sasha from DecorateItOnline was absolutely fantastic to work with and we couldn’t be more pleased with how our room turned out. Keep reading to see our before and after changes!

Master Bedroom Room Design Before

Master Room Design Before

We had a design plan created for our master bedroom. We already had a nice furniture set in our room that we wanted to keep and the starting elements for our room, but our room wasn’t anything special. As Sasha put it in our profile, “Because you already had such great bones in the space all I really needed to do was add a few strategic accent pieces and everything came together. …The big element that I think is missing in your room is texture, and room without texture rooms just feel.. blah.” Here’s a picture of our “Before” look at our room design, or lack of design, in our Master Bedroom.

Our Room Design Plan

You start with a style profile where you answer a few questions about your needs for your space as well as any requirements you might want included. Then, you select color schemes you like, share room inspirations you’re drawn towards, and pictures of your space. When your style profile is complete then you sit back and wait a few days while Sasha works to create a beautiful design plan for your room.

Master Bedroom Room Design - DecorateItOnline Room Plan

After taking a look at our pictures and our preferences, Sasha came up with this gorgeous room design plan! We loved absolutely everything she picked out. If we had the budget, we would have simply purchased every item she had recommended and put it together into our room and called it good.

Making Our Room Design Plan Work for Us

I am very frugal in our spending so I decided to do as much shopping around as I could to find budget pricing on items that would work in the same way as the plan showcased that I could love just as much as the items Sasha had selected. Since every single part of the design plan had very clearly laid out explanations as to why her selections made the final cut, it was easy to see what was really important and what to look for while shopping. This made it SO much fun to shop and try to add my own little bit of creative flair and feel like I was finding bargains but not sacrifice and make cuts on what was most important for the design aspects.


For example, I learned for my bedding I needed something with lots of texture and specific types of colors to bring in that extra something our bedroom lacked. But, the bedding set was pretty pricey. I found a pair of curtain panels at Goodwill that I absolutely fell in love with. They had so much texture and a perfect color and I thought they would be the perfect fit! Since I can handle basic sewing projects I was able to make a bed sheet to go over our down comforter similar to what you see at hotels. The finished project cost me about $25 and we LOVE it!

Master Bedroom Room Design Makeover!

I really loved the profile mirror but found a great alternative with an IKEA Mongstad Mirror that saved us over 60% and really added in texture and a bold look to our room making the mirror very impressive looking. I had tried a few other mirrors that just were way too small and but the Mongstad Mirror gives us the WOW factor!


My favorite change in our room was the very simple changes we made to our dresser that made such a huge difference. Before, we had our TV just sitting right on the dresser and it was always surrounded but a few piles of papers, keys, etc. We mounted the TV to the wall, added an IKEA Lack Shelf to give a sort of “lid” to our baskets for storage to keep clutter off the dresser and also a place for our TV accessories to sit. Then, we added in the baskets, a key catch-all bowl, and two plants to soften the look of a big black box (aka TV). We absolutely love the way our dresser looks now and it brings us more storage and way more useable space.

Master Bedroom Room Design Makeover!

We have a couple of small projects to work on in our room which will we work on when we have the funds and the time to tackle another project. We still want to change our curtain rods as our current ones are pretty wimpy and really don’t add anything to our design. We also want to get a bench for our room like the design plan showed but we are currently using the shoe shelf storage in lieu of the bench for now.

I was amazed by how such very simple changes as curtains with texture and a rich color, a great piece of art, some soft finishing touches, a splash of color, and some simple and smart pieces could completely transform our room. DecorateItOnline is a fabulous service and Sasha is amazing to work with. She is so inexpensive compared to any in-person decorator and you have the ability to tweak your design all you might need or do your changes in stages as you can afford them without the pressure of a designer looking to finish your project. The best part of the plan was Sasha was available to help us with our several follow-up emails as we headed to the store to shop giving us further insights into what items we picked out that worked great as replacements and which ones weren’t a perfect fit that helped us fine tune our purchase and make the beautiful room design you see above! I absolutely recommend DecorateItOnline if you’re looking for help decorating your home.

I received product samples and/or compensation in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.


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