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Planning a Back to School Wardrobe

Are your kids excited for back to school? Yesterday, we hit the stores getting ready for my three older boys to head back to school as the school year starts in early August here. We are now officially in the final countdown. The are so many exciting things that come with that first day of school for your kids – like reconnecting with friends, meeting their new teacher, and checking out the classroom.

Before school starts, we as parents help our children get all their needed school supplies, lunch and snack supplies, and of course their back to school wardrobe. You can let your children get involved in the process to ramp up their excitement and let them have some say in their choices.

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Start with a List – Before you ever hit the stores, write out a list and evaluate what your child already has in their wardrobe. Do they really need new school shoes if they just got a pair last month? Or how about a new backpack if last year’s backpack is still in great condition? Figure out what items you will need to replenish or purchase in a size up and stick to the list.

Set a Budget – Consider your finances and what you can reasonably afford and set a budget to cover their back to school wardrobe needs. If you have a limited budget to work with, look for pieces that will work in different ways to create a variety of outfits and looks. Even if you could splurge, decide instead to set a reasonable budget which will help your child realize there are limits and let them help in making those tough choices.

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Let them Have a Say – Don’t blindly shop for your children just picking out the lowest cost items available. Instead, really let your kids get involved in the decisions and pick out styles they like. This will ensure all the clothes get use instead of getting shoved to the back of the dresser drawer. You are still the parent and get to veto clothes that you don’t find appropriate, but giving them some say will make the process fun for them.

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Negotiation is Key – If you can’t agree on the necessities or dislike their style preferences, use negotiation to keep everyone happy. If you really hate that one shirt they picked, you can state that one wouldn’t be appropriate, but the other two they also grabbed you’d be happy to add to their wardrobe. If your child has picked out three pairs of similar looking blue jeans, ask them to choose two to help you stay within budget.

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Accessorize – Once you’ve met the basic needs, let your child pick out a few fun accessories to round-out their wardrobe. That could include jewelry, a watch, belt, hats, scarves, footwear, glasses or anything else they may need. Of course, if your child needs a new backpack, that should be at the top of the list. Let them pick out items that really fit their personality and style so they won’t be afraid to be the unique individual they are!

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My boys are all decked out in their style picks ready for the first day of school! That first day of school outfit is always an extra important decision for your children. They want to wear something that will look “cool” and help them to fit in while still standing out from the crowd.

What are your tips for planning a back to school wardrobe?

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