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Pet Halloween Costumes

I received pet Halloween costumes and toys in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays. I love carving pumpkins, hosting Halloween parties, eating yummy goodies, and dressing up in fun and unique costumes. This year, my entire family is going to be involved in Halloween festivities; this means that Gunner, my chocolate lab, will be dressing up and going trick-or-treating with the family. Thanks to PetSmart‘s fun Halloween collection, Gunner has many fantastic costume options; I’m so excited to take him trick-or-treating with my family!


How would you describe your furry friend’s personality? Trouble maker? Sweetheart? Funny? Cuddly? PetSmart offers a wide variety of Halloween costume options perfect to suit your pet’s unique personality: Disney characters, super heroes, monsters, animals, etc. To help celebrate fall festivities with your pet, PetSmart also offers fun Halloween toys and treats. Your pets will enjoy Halloween thanks to PetSmart’s costumes, treats, and toys.


As I contemplated choosing Gunner’s Halloween costume, I decided to dress him up according to his different personality traits. Gunner is goofy yet mischievous. I felt that PetSmart’s Sesame Street Big Bird, Grreat Choice Prisoner, and Martha Stewart Cyclops costumes fit his personality perfectly. Gunner looks ADORABLE in his new Halloween costumes. The plush material, vibrant colors, and fit work perfectly for his size. I love how I was able to choose his costumes based on size. I love how the Big Bird costume has holes for his ears; this helps the costume stay on his head. I am extremely impressed with PetSmart’s wide variety of quality pet costumes and look forward to celebrating Halloween with Gunner through PetSmart for many years to come.

For fun pet costumes (prices vary) and Halloween treats and toys, visit PetSmart.