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Buying America Back Book Review

Buying America Back Review & Giveaway

From the back of the book:  The trade gap between the United States and China is a perennial news staple. Our commonplace goods are manufactured in such far-flung places as Honduras, Mexico, and Korea. Why has the distinction “Made in America” become such a rarity? The cynics always talk about the “hard economic realities” of our times. They suggest that American manufacturing has reached the end of its road; this is the price we pay for “globalization”.

Alan Uke sees it differently. Buying America Back outlines his plan to turn back the tide with a grass-roots movement to promote American industry by helping American consumers have a better understanding of where their goods (and services) come from. Buying Back America emphasizes the importance of grooming a culture of self-informed consumers in the U.S.A., while reinforcing this with initiatives from the federal government. Surprising and enlightening, Buying America Back encourages us to take action to serve our part as responsible consumers and conscientious citizens. American prosperity is not a thing of the past, and this book shows us the way back!

Thoughts:  I knew this book would be something that would interest my husband.  He majored in business, and he loves economics and politics.  He gladly jumped at the chance to read this, and this is what he thought:

“I was admittedly very skeptical of this book when I agreed to read and review it.  While I still enjoy reading the material, I am cautious about reading books with an agenda.  This book quickly blasted through my skepticism.  The author presented a very convincing argument for the value of product labels containing percentages of country of origin and trade ratios.  I was pleased that it was not a ‘pro-America-hate-everyone-else’ book.  The author effectively argued the need for greater consumer education so that we can conscientiously make more informed decisions regarding our purchases (hopefully for the benefit of the nation).  It was a quick read, well researched, and surprisingly thorough given its short length.  I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in economics, politics, and improving the nation as a whole.”

Buying America Back, by Alan Uke, retails for $14.61 and is sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If you’re interested in politics and the economic state of our country, then read the book and check out where you can take a pledge and sign a petition.


Thursday 31st of May 2012

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