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Reclaimed Wood Pallet Art

I received pallet art in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship. I love browsing Pinterest (and could browse for hours) viewing unique home decor, crafts, creative ideas, etc. However, Pinterest often tempts me with various creations that require too much time, money, and artistic ability on my part. A little while back, as I was pinning unique home decor, I came across a new love: pallet art. However, I soon realized with my lack of painting expertise, if I was going to display pallet art in my home, I was going to need some help.

Luckily,  Art By Kelly came to the rescue. Thanks to Art by Kelly‘s professional design, my beautiful pallet artwork is now my favorite home decor piece! Art by Kelly features handcrafted rustic home decor pieces designed from reclaimed wood pallets. With modern colors and artistic design, Art by Kelly provides artwork for everyone’s taste. With the option to customize color, size, design, and lettering, you will love the vintage feel Art by Kelly will add to your home.


I am smitten with Art by Kelly‘s 3 ft x 16 in “LOVE” wood pallet. Displayed in the center of my wall, the white and gray lettering match my home decor perfectly! I love that I was able to customize the paint colors. The reclaimed wood’s darker finish adds an elegant yet rustic feel to my family room. Every time someone walks in my door, they immediately comment on Art by Kelly’s work of art.

With hanging hardware attached to the back, I appreciate that this pallet art is sturdy, yet not too heavy to hang with a regular nail. If I would have tried to create my own pallet art, I know it would have ended up looking sloppy and unprofessional. Thanks to the Etsy shop kellyfellin, I now have a beautiful, artistic, professional, and rustic piece of pallet art adding a vintage touch to my home decor. To add Art by Kelly’s amazing pallet art ($25-$125) to the walls of your home, visit the kellyfellin Etsy shop!