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Choc-V’s Chocolate Vitamins Review

I received Choc-V’s Chocolate Vitamins in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

As a child, I vividly remember sitting at the breakfast table in tears because I couldn’t leave the table until I had taken my vitamin. I hated everything about taking vitamins as a kid – the texture, the taste, and the after taste. My mother and I would argue every morning as she explained the importance for taking vitamins; building strong bones, teeth, supporting healthy eyes, and boosting the immune system. Although I knew all of these things were important, in my child-like mind, none of these reasons seemed justifiable for eating nasty flavored vitamins. Fortunately, as my child approaches the appropriate age to start taking children’s vitamins, Choc-V provides delicious solution to help keep children healthy.


Combining chocolate with multivitamins, Choc-V supplies delicious chocolate vitamins perfect for children and picky eaters. With no artificial colors or preservatives, Choc-V’s Chocolate Vitamins provide the body with 17 essential vitamins and minerals. If you are looking to improve digestive health or bone strength, Choc-V also provides yummy white chocolate probiotics, and calcium supplements. Choc-V’s delicious probiotics are all natural, gluten free, and kosher certified. Staying healthy never tasted so delicious; what child wouldn’t enjoy eating Choc-V’s delicious chocolate products?

chocolate vitamins

I love Choc-V’s innovative “chocolaty” method to help stay healthy. Although I’m not a child anymore, I still enjoy Choc-V’s chocolate products and can’t wait to share them with my son when he gets a little older. I totally wish that Choc-V’s chocolate vitamins would have been around when I was a kid; I wouldn’t have fought with my mom about taking my vitamins. Shaped as a little bear, Choc-V’s chocolate actually tastes and has the same texture as chocolate; they melt in your mouth. Choc-V’s white chocolate probiotics are absolutely delicious; I can’t even tell that I’m eating a probiotics. As Choc-V says, “Everything is better with chocolate. Chocolate is better with vitamins.”

I look forward to keeping my family healthy with Choc-V’s chocolate products for many years to come. Try Choc-V’s innovative chocolate vitamins, probiotics, and calcium ($15 for 40 bears) for yourself.