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Olympics Bento Lunchbox Ideas

If you have a child that’s excited by the Olympics this year, keep them in that competitive spirit all day long, even with their lunch. These are some great and unique ideas to make your children appreciate the Olympic Games a little more this year- even if you don’t win a Gold Medal for Mom of the Year. Here are five fun Olympics Kids Lunchbox Ideas to get you started.

Olympics Bento

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Sandwich Torch – Make your child a turkey or chicken sandwich and cut it into the shape of the Olympic torch, on the outside where the flame would be, add yellow cheese for the fire. This is an iconic Olympic symbol that will set the tone for lunch, just like it does for the games.

Olympic Lunchbox Ideas

Olympics Bento Lunchbox Ideas pinit fg en rect red 28
Pretzel Weights – Using two pretzel sticks, place fruit cut into round shapes on the ends of each to make them look like dumbbells for weight lifting.

Olympic Rings – Top the sandwich with the 5 Olympic rings that are represented with blue, yellow, black, green and red. These colors represent the different parts of the world included in the Olympic games. I used fruit snacks, a green bell pepper, black beans, and corn to create the colors of the rings.

Olympic Swimmers – In a bowl, place a cream cheese dip or ranch dip that your child enjoys. This is the swimming pool water. Place two strips of celery to create pool lane dividers. Then, in each lane, place a bell pepper piece cut to look like a person bringing their arm up out of the water as they swim. For added effect, use three different colored peppers and place them at different points in the race. Include a side of carrots and other vegetables to dip in the pool after the swimmers have had their fun.

Gold Medal of Honor – Don’t forget the crowning achievement- the Gold Medal! Make one out of an orange and some string, and then decorate the front of the orange with orange or peach flavored and colored pudding or yogurt to give it the appearance of a gold Olympic Medal.

In the end, you’ll have a themed olympics bento that is filled with fun and filling too. I’m a huge fan of the EasyLunchboxes containers that make packing a bento SO easy!


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What would you include in an Olympics Bento Lunchbox?