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New Sustainable Water Filtration System – Saves Money and Reduces Waste

As a parent, you always want to do what is best for your kids – that includes providing your family with the best quality drinking water. Many families use home water filtration pitcher systems to avoid the waste from bottled water but did you know that 43 million plastic water filters are thrown away each year filling our landfills with permanent waste? There’s now a solution.

The folks (who are also parents) at Clear Genius™ have made a good thing better by creating a new sustainable water filtration system with two goals in mind – to continue providing quality water for families and to reduce the landfill impact.

The Clear Genius Water Filtration System consists of a two-piece reusable cartridge and unique Filter Pod refills, which are made from easily recyclable casing material, high-grade coconut shell carbon and ion exchange resin. It is the first and only filtration system that allows you to keep the cartridge and just replace the Filter Pod refill inside.

CG_Cartridge_Filter Pod (640x640)

With certification pending from the Water Quality Association, the system filters out chlorine and heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium. Good news: the cartridges are designed to fit many brands of water filtration pitchers that you may already own, such as Brita® and PUR®, as well as its own Clear Genius-branded pitcher.

Each Filter Pod refill filters 40 gallons of water (or two months of total use, whichever comes first) before needing to be replaced, which is equivalent to Brita® and PUR® disposable filters. Because of the reusable cartridge, the Clear Genius system is budget-friendly for families. And you can take pride in knowing that a portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to to help advance the non-profit organization’s efforts to provide clean water to those in need.

CG_Filter Pod_Cut Out

The Clear Genius water filtering system is in the fundraising phase right now via an Indiegogo campaign and will be available for online purchase in the first quarter of 2016.

For more information please visit and to sign up to receive updates on the Indiegogo campaign and product news. Follow Clear Genius on Twitter @clear_genius, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


Sunday 1st of November 2015

I had a carbon filter and hated those little black flecks in my water. Nice to see they have made a solution for it!

Dawn Lopez

Saturday 31st of October 2015

The Clear Genius water filtration system sounds amazing! I think the waste reduction to landfills from filters is an awesome idea. I'll be watching for this to be available!

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