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A New Look for the New Year with

I received glasses in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

The new year is here and seems to be flying by faster than usual! Can you believe that January is over and February is already upon us? A new year means a new view and perspective and for many a new look. Wether you are in the process of a fitness, lifestyle, or style makeover, 2014 is the year for a better you! wants to help!

Wordmark logo (outlined) carries an huge array of designer-brand glasses and sunglasses at prices you won’t find at your local eyewear shop. They have two different shopping options. You can choose their free, in-home try on service, or you can try their incredible new virtual try-on app. I was absolutely blown away by how cool this app is, and how easy it made picking a pair of glasses. Does anyone else hate on trying on glasses while everyone in the store stares at you?  If you are a busy mom who needs an easy and convenient way to try on a new pair of glasses this is the ideal way to do it!

Watch this short video that will give you a general walk through of how the app works.

Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store or GooglePlay, you are just minutes away from finding the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses for you. You start off by completing your picture that will be used for your 3Dfit technology  picture. Then you answer a few questions about how your glasses fit, and what styles you like.

photo 1 photo 2

Next the app generates a list of glasses that fit your criteria and generates a picture of you wearing them.  As you browse through them you can click the heart in the right hand corner and them to your favorites list.

photo 5

Seriously though, if you didn’t know any better and saw the photo above you would totally think I was actually wearing those glasses!

photo 4

As you are browsing you can use swiping motions with your finger to turn your head from side to side, adjust how far back the glasses sit on your ears, and up and down your nose. Once you have narrowed down your favorites you can compare them four at a time until you have decided on the pair you want to purchase!

photo 3

After choosing your favorite pair you can add them to your cart and purchase them straight from the app!

This whole process took me about a half an hour. That is way less time and pressure than it would take in a store or office! The prices on are fantastic, if you look above you can see that one of my top four frames are only $59! If you are looking to do some shopping, you have to try this app. wants to help by giving you %15 off your purchase. Use the code gls15off until March 31, 2014 to receive your discount! As a note, you can’t enter special offers  through the app yet. So, if you are using this coupon code, hop on over to to complete your order! 2014 is your year, make it count and look good doing it!