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Kids Room Decor with Rugs!

Kids rooms are so fun to decorate giving you room to be creative and do something really unique and fun! We’ve decorated each of our kids rooms based on themes and have a “Space room“, “Winnie the Pooh room” and a “Mario room”. This is how we even identify the rooms most the time when we tell the kids to go looking for something in a specific room. One of the fun aspects of dressing up a kids room, though, is the ability to add in fun rugs to add color and sometimes even play into the space.

Mail Order Rugs for Kids

What’s more fun in a little boys room than a city map rug that lets those race cars get some driving time! We have a rug similar to the car rug above that my boys absolutely love! They’ll spend quite a bit of time racing around chasing each other with their cars or playing “follow the leader”. Lately, I have even seen them come up with imaginative storylines driving their cars and the imaginary passengers off to the nearest store or gas station to play.

Disclosure: This post and image above are brought to you by our friends at Mail order Rugs.


Sunday 4th of November 2012

I appreciate this information...What fun rooms you have! Thanks, Cindi

Jamie Howe

Saturday 3rd of November 2012

I love this idea. It's a game and a rug and decoration all in one.

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