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Keep the Flu at Bay!

I received FluNada and a gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Has you family been stopped by a cold or flu this season? We have had a cold run through all of our little boys, but luckily nothing worse, yet. In fact, when my oldest started coughing and rubbing his nose, I was silently dreading when my husband would catch it from him. For some reason, men seem to be more difficult than kids are when they are sick. At least in this household. My husband always picks up everything, too.

My sample of FluNada arrived just in time. It arrived just a few days before we truly needed it! Just like I expected, a day or two after my boys caught a bug, my husband started complaining of a scratchy throat and feeling rundown. I knew he was next. I asked him to start using FluNada to see if it would help him at all.

FluNada Box

Wondering how FluNada works? You use it as a spray in the back of your throat and in your nostrils. It’s a really easy to use spray. You start to use it at the very first signs or symptoms of a cold or flu such as a slight cough, sore throat starting to form, or even just a feeling of being rundown and tired, you can take FluNada to help combat the virus from getting you sick. Since cold and flu viruses start their invasion about 4 days before you start to feel symptoms, you may be getting sick and not even know it! You are also usually contagious for a full day before your symptoms begin. FluNada has a homeopathic formula so you don’t have to worry about yucky side effects like being drowsy or taking too much medicine. It’s safe to take if you have been exposed to a cold or flu or think you may be coming down with something.


FluNada combines Gaultheria, Mint, Elderberry and Eucalyptus. The FluNada website teaches that, “Elderberry is known for its high flavanoid content and antioxidant activity as well as its ability to fortify the body’s natural protective systems.” That combined with the effects of Eucalyptus, the essential oil often used to relief sore throats, headaches and runny or stuffy noses.

My husband used FluNada that evening and told me about 15-20 minutes after he used it that he felt much better already and didn’t feel so groggy and out of it. He really liked it and felt like it worked for him to combat the early symptoms of a cold. He didn’t get sick at all from our boys, and I absolutely attribute that to FluNada. He hardly ever scraps by without catching the bugs, he tends to catch every single one that comes through our door.

FluNada isn’t a cure or medicine used to treat your symptoms once your sick, instead it’s something that can be used to boost your bodies protection and help you stay healthy and clear up early warning signs and symptoms that your body is fighting a cold. You can find FluNada at Walgreens,, and on Amazon. You can also print a $3 off FluNada coupon on their website, or for a limited time they are offering a $5 off coupon on their Facebook page!