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Jordache Mommy and Me Jeans Review

I received jeans in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I was always convinced I would have all boys. Boys stress me out, the little ones at least. I am not what you call a girly girl. I like camping and don’t mind getting muddy, but I get really stressed about things like jumping off walls and climbing, and rough housing. You know, boy stuff. So when our first baby was a boy I just knew it was all boys for me.

Mommy and Me Jeans-6

I love my little man. He is sweet as can be and being a mom to my boy is so rewarding. We have a special bond and I was more than okay with having a handful of cute little men running around and calling me mama. My jaw hit the floor with that ultra sound tech said baby number two was a girl. Seriously. I made him check two more times.

Mommy and Me Jeans-1

My mind raced and I wanted to go shopping immediately! Baby girl clothes are just the best. I wanted to fill her little dresser with dresses and shoes and bows as fast as I could. But baby girl jeans? Swoon. Is there anything cuter than a little lady in a sweet pair of jeans? I don’t think so! I jumped at the chance to try some mommy and me jeans from Jordache.

Mommy and Me Jeans-4

My jeans are a stretch jegging and are so comfortable. Being a stay at home mom it can be so easy to let a day run away from you and find your self still in yoga pants at the end of the day. These jeans provide all the comfy benefits of yoga pants, but look so much better! You can dress them up a little with a nicer top of go totally casual in just a t-shirt and the still look great! Best part? They are only $17!! You can find them at your local Wal-Mart.

Mommy and Me Jeans-2

My little girl is wearing Jordache Glitter Skinny Jeans. These pants are just too cute on her. I love that the glitter is subtle and not overwhelming like it can be. Unfortunately, it is also hard to capture in a photograph! If you were here you could see the cute silver sparkles all over her jeans. Be sure to wash these guys inside out so the keep their cute sparkle! The skinny cut on them is just perfect on her petite frame. Only $12 at Wal-Mart.

Mommy and Me Jeans-9

I love being able to share these fun moments with my little girl. As for being stressed out about boys? My daughter is my climber and my jumper and my crazy kid. Go figure. She LOVES clothes and shoes almost as much as I love buying them for her, even knowing that they will be covered in mud and dirt as quickly as I can get them on her! Good thing she looks so cute doing it!