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Imagine I Can by Manhattan Toy Review

I received an Imagine I Can magnetic play set in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Kids need creative play time. I think there is something so magical about sitting back and watching a child’s imagination at work. I love to hear the tales my kids make up as they play pretend. There is something so beautiful about the way kids can find fun in anything. As a parent I want to encourage this type of play as much as possible. It helps a child learn and grow mentally, and why wouldn’t I want that for my kids!

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Imagine I Can has just released the cutest magnetic play sets. I could spend hours on the floor with my 3-year-old making up stories and jokes as we arrange and rearrange the magnetic pieces on the different backgrounds. He comes up with some pretty hilarious tales and we laugh a lot, is there anything better?

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Our Imagine I Can Character Mix-up set from Manhattan Toy came in a cute tin with a handle on top for carrying. Inside there are 4 paper background scenes and 101 magnetic pieces. These pieces are heavy duty, wooden pieces that will last for a really long time. They feature a great selection of arms, legs, heads, clothing, and accessories that you can combine in endless combinations for hours of fun! This is one of my favorite items to take with me to church, or to appointments! It is easy to grab, is self contained, and is a quiet, fun option.


These great sets also come in Fashion Friends and Travel Time as well as the Character Mix-up, they retail for $25.00 and can be found here or here.