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Healthy & Delicious Snacks: Almondia Review

Confession time: I am a HUGE snacker! I feel like I am constantly nibbling on food throughout my day. Because of my love for snacking, I try choosing healthy foods with low caloric values. However, finding healthy and yummy food with minimal calories can be a struggle. Thankfully, I recently found a solution to my problem through Almondina.

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Almondina provides delicious all-natural, fat-free, cholesterol-free cookies. These 30 calorie crispy almond cookies will cause your taste buds to sing. With no added salt or preservatives, you will not feel guilty devouring an Almondina cookie. Sold in 50 states and some foreign countries, these biscuits come in a variety of flavors: Original, Chocolate Cherry, Coconut, Cinnaroma, Gingerspice, AlmonDuo, Anniversary T, BranTreats, Sesame, and Seasonal Pumpkin Spice. Whether you choose to eat these Kosher and dairy free treats with cheese, crumble on top of your ice-cream, or with milk, you will keep coming back for more.


I am obsessed with Almondina biscuits! I love these thin cookie’s crunchy texture and light weight. Although I haven’t tried a flavor that I didn’t like, my favorite Almondina is Chocolate Cherry; this flavor satisfies my chocolate craving while keeping my body healthy. I have to admit, before I tried Almondina, I didn’t think that something so healthy could taste so good; however, after eating one Almondina, I was hooked. My husband loves these delicious biscuits so much that he eats them by the sleeve; because Almondina’s are only 30 calories, there is no guilt involved. These cookies are absolutely addictive, yet very nutritious. Thanks to Almondina, I now have a low calorie snack that satisfies my taste buds and stomach as I go throughout my day.

To make Almondina ($3.49 per 4 oz tray) part of your diet or to find a retailer (Whole Foods, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and many more) near you, or on Amazon.

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