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Glad’s Black Bags Help Clean-Up! Plus, Missing the Mess Game!

With three little boys ages 6 and under, keeping the kids bedrooms clean has been a challenge! Recently, I went through their bedroom and decided it was time to pass along some of their old toys, books, and clothes that they are no longer using. We pulled out our Glad Black Bags which give a big and sturdy place to hold a LOT of stuff to handle the task! I was able to easily and quickly load up the bags and haul them out to our car for a trip to our local donation center to pass along their old items. It always feels SO good when clearing out an overly crowded space and their room has stayed much cleaner without their overflowing closets and picking up their room goes a lot quicker, too!

Glad Black Bags

To help keep messes at bay, we’ve found that trying to limit down how much “stuff” you have is always the first step to clearing your space. It’s amazing when you realize how much time and effort you end up spending just juggling around things that you don’t actually use but hang on to for whatever reason. Next, we try to assign a specific place where everything belongs. Then, everyone knows where things go and it makes not only cleanup but finding things easier as well.

Christmas morning always becomes a maze of wrapping paper, boxes, ribbons, and toys! Last year, I even specifically made an effort to clean up as we went along but we still found paper and packaging spread throughout our family room making an obstacle course! It does somewhat add to this fun and excitement of it all while you’re opening up the presents, but as soon as the presents are opening, it can be a somewhat overwhelming task to clean up your mini tornado! This year, we plan to have two big Glad Black Bags ready to stuff with the trash and packing that comes with Christmas morning. Since these bags are heavy duty, I know they’ll be able to handle the awkward shaped boxes and zip ties that abound during clean up without rips. Plus, I appreciate that the bags are black so they will keep the kids from remembering about the packaging and boxes that for some reason they seem to have such a fascination with and help keep the mess contained!

Glad Black Bags

Last year, Glad featured a fun video series “The Wild Life” featuring a cast of memorable and messy animals from the wild. This year they are back with TV star Tori Spelling hosting an “After the Wild Life” follow-up series! Head on over to the Glad Facebook Page and visit their “After the Wild Life” tab to play their fun “Missing in the Mess” game and check out the latest gossip on the original cast!

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

Vickie L Couturier

Monday 12th of November 2012

I love these bags,they are so strong an hold a lot of trash

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