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6 Simple Ways to Keep Christmas Magical

Do you remember Christmas as a kid? Getting so excited as you counted down the days, waiting in anticipation. There were certain things that were just plain magical as a child, and I want to keep that magic alive for my children as much as possible.

6 simple ways to keep Christmas magical for the whole family! Keep up those special holiday traditions and Christmas Wish Lists to keep the magic alive!

6 Simple Ways to Keep Christmas Magical

Read Christmas Stories – Snuggling up together with the classic favorite Christmas stories will help you re-live your childhood and create those new memories with your child that they will look back on. Read about The Night Before Christmas and The Polar Express and all the other stories filled with wonder and magic.


Make a Christmas Wish List – Don’t be afraid to let your children (and yourself) dream big about all the different gifts they would love for Christmas this year. Go into Christmas wish lists with your child knowing that they won’t get everything on their wish list but that they can pick out their favorites.

It’s a fun tradition that helps you as the parent know what they’re dreaming of for gifts this year and makes it easier to shop for the right gifts that will make them giddy and exciting come Christmas morning.


Play in the Snow – Living in Phoenix, we aren’t anywhere near snow. But if so, we take a trip 3-4 hours north just to have a day playing in the snow the years that we can. Snow is completely magical for children. As adults, we might look at is something to work around, but the kids see it as an opportunity to play. Take advantage of their excitement and get out in the snow and play with them, even if it means a drive to find some snow!


Visit Santa – A lot of the magic of Christmas time revolves around the mystery of Santa and how he can deliver gifts to all the children around the world. Taking the opportunity to visit a mall Santa or maybe a Santa that is visit a local city event will keep your child believing in the magic of Santa and Christmas.


Bake Holiday Goodies – Some of my fondest memories are baking Christmas goodies with my Grandma each year. Of course they were yummy to eat, too, but the real magic in it was creating a treat that only came once a year. It seemed to slow down the holiday season for just a brief moment as we laughed and baked together. We always make these Super Soft Christmas Sugar Cookies!

Stick to Traditions – If your family has traditions surrounding the holidays, do everything you can to stick to your traditions even when the holiday gets busy. They are the very essences of what makes the holiday season magical as you spend that time together building memories that will stick with your family for years and years to come. Some of our favorite traditions include singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve and driving around to see Christmas lights!

What do you do to keep the holidays magical? 

Julie Wood

Friday 23rd of December 2016

We love making Christmas sugar cookies, going to see Santa, having a wish list and reading fun Holiday books and watching Christmas movies and shows.

Cathi Crismon

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

This is brilliant! A convenient way to be organized and I bet the kids have a blast with it too.


Tuesday 29th of November 2016

I love all of these ideas. My adopted daughter and I are looking forward to creating some new holiday traditions together this year. I already got us started on our annual snow globes.

Cathi Crismon

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

Oh my goodness! I haven't heard of the new It's brilliant! It's convenient and I bet the kids love doing it too.

valmg @ Mom Knows It All

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

My family has always made wish lists. I did as a child and then I had my oldest make them while he believed.

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