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Getting More out of Life

Last week, we traveled as a family to sunny Florida and had a fabulous time together on vacation. We kept busy with activities planned every day and even things to do on our more “lazy” relaxed days around home. My husband works hard so that when we have the time off, we can play hard too. He loves getting outdoors to play from hiking and rock climbing to scuba diving and snowboarding – he is up for any of it!

Snorkeling with Manatees

Most of the days we hit the theme parks but one of our days we spent at the beach! My husband along with his sister and parents all went off to snorkel with the manatees early one morning. After snorkeling, we meet up at the beach to play and swim in the ocean waves. By the end of the day, he was exhausted but happy and had a fantastic day! It’s times like these that really bring our family closer together and remind us of what an amazing world we really live in.

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How do you do more? Whether it’s playing with the kids or working out for yourself, what are things that you do to get the most out of life? Let us know in the comments or with the hashtag #domore