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Finding a Service Provider Made Easy!

I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Have you ever tried searching for a service provider, only to be left wondering what you’re really getting? I always feel like I’m blindly accepting a company to come by and offer me a bid, hoping it’s within my budget and even then, I’m often limited to who I can even accept bids from as I don’t want to pay a fee for the initial consultation if their rates are much higher than other providers.

Often, that means I am left calling around to a bunch of different shops trying to find someone with a free quote, available that week, and who seems to understand my problem at hand. When we insulated our garage to turn it into a playroom, it felt like a nightmare trying to compare quotes. We ended up with several quotes way over $1,000 and finally settled on a rate of $650 for our whole garage from our 4th quote.

I was surprise — and amazed — to find a quote so much lower than everyone else. I was worried about the work quality, but the job was completely even better than I could have expected as the cut drywall was patched and you couldn’t even tell after we painted the wall. Was that contractor someone I would recommend? Absolutely! In fact, we shared his name with a few friends right away. But finding someone you can trust is the tricky part.


eJobba is a new online marketplace in Arizona that screens and vets quality service providers from a range of areas from pool care and lawn service to therapists and swimming lessons. Imagine being able to go online to shop for everyday services in the same way you shop for other goods online. You can then post whatever service you’re looking for as a listing and receive real bids from several different providers.

eJobba Services

You can browse through your bids to find the right provider by qualifications, price, and experience. When you find the right company for your job, you can get the contact the contractor through eJobba so your information remains private until you are ready to get the job started. Best of all, you pay for the job upfront through eJobba but the funds are not released to the service provider until the job is completed and eJobba can help with disputes, too.


To introduce their company, eJobba is hosting a $5,000 big project giveaway! Every job you list on eJobba now through August will be entered in a prize drawing! One lucky winner will get their job done free, up to $5,000! The more jobs you list, the better your odds!

Joining eJobba is free for both consumers and service providers. Workers will have a nominal fee for the background check, but otherwise the service remains free and they can bid on any jobs that are a good fit. Workers pay a 15% commission from the funds held in escrow when the jobs is complete. eJobba is currently only in the Phoenix valley, but will be expanding nationwide.

What services do you need that eJobba can help with?