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The Voice Finalist

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

I love The Voice! I tried watching American Idol, but could never really get into it. The Voice is different to me because I love how the judges select the singers they want to back with nothing else to go off of then their amazing voice. I also love the camaraderie and competition between the judges. It really makes the show for me.

If you love The Voice, you’ll know on Tuesday nights episode, the Top 8 performers all had songs make it into the Top 100 downloads on iTunes! I’m rooting for Josh to win the show. Loved his last performance, his song made it to #2 in iTunes! I was a big fan of Audra as I love country music, so I was sad to see her go this week. There is so much talent in that show!

Clear The Voice

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