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Family-Friendly Fun For Fall With Rainy Day Crafts

This is a guest post written and brought to you by Nikki on behalf of Dollar Tree.

One way to celebrate fall is with crafts. Pick a rainy day when it’s best to be inside to work on some fun activities. There are lots of different types of leaves available in the crafting section or as party decorations at the discount store. Use these and other inexpensive items to create some autumn fun and spend quality time with the kids.


Apple Baskets


Fall is a great time for apples. Whether you’ve picked them from an orchard or bought them at the grocery store, you can dress them up and make a nice, edible centerpiece. Use supplies you have at home or pick some up at the discount store to create this activity with apples. Cut 10- to 12-inch strips of colorful curling ribbon in red, yellow and orange, tying them around the top of the basket for a splash of color.

Use a piece of cellophane tape wrapped around the end to make a sharp point that will fit through the holes in the basket if your basket’s weave is tight. Loop the curling ribbon around over the top edge of the basket for a few inches at a time, working your way around the circumference and leaving some length for the ribbon ends to dangle. Tie a simple knot in the ribbon, then curl the ends. Cut the tape off the ends before you curl the ribbons. Put a layer of gift bag shreds into the bottom of the basket. Pile in the apples, letting some of the shreds poke out in between and around them.


Falling Leaves

Fall Leaves

Children who are learning how to use watercolors and paintbrushes will enjoy creating a fall picture filled with falling leaves. Use inexpensive color paint pallets and art paint brushes from the arts and crafts supplies section of the discount store. Use plain white paper, construction paper or the backs of leftover paper party plates to create a canvas for the picture.

Draw in a brown trunk and some tree branches. Use a paintbrush dipped in paint up to the metal bracket that holds the hairs onto the handle, then set the brush flat on one side against the paper using a straight down motion. Pick it straight back up off the paper. The result is a long and thin triangular shape. Colors like orange, red, yellow and green will resemble autumn leaves. Scatter some away from the trunk and branches to resemble falling leaves.

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