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Fall Entertainment Guide For Kids

I love hanging out and spending time with my kids. I am constantly on the lookout for new, fun things to do with them to help them learn and grow. Here are my latest and greatest entertainment finds for kids.

I received various samples for inclusion in this post. All opinions are my own.



My kids absolutely adore playing games. They love to learn how to play new games and I love that we really get to talk and connect while we play them. These two new games are no exception.


Count Your Chickens

Count Your Chickens is our newest game from Peaceable Kingdom and it is so much fun. My kids are young, and this cooperative game is right on their level. What makes this game (and many others from Peaceable Kingdom) unique is that instead of playing against each other, all the players of the game are working together towards a common goal. In this game all of mother hen’s chicks have flown the coop and your job is to collect them all and bring them back! My kids laugh as they try to round up all 40 of the loose chicks while trying to stay away from fox on the spinner, he lets a chick back out again. Peaceable Kingdom’s games are made from the highest quality materials and will last a really long time. Any parent of kid will love this, they will replace pieces if they get lost or ruined. So when your kids loose the spinner to the game, you don’t have to replace the whole thing! Genius! You can find Count your Chickens and other great games from Peaceable Kingdom here.

Ani-gram-it_BoardGame_Final copy


Ani-gram-it is an animal crossword game with body parts. It sounds a little confusing but is so much fun. The basic point of the game is to create a crossword, using the game tiles, to create an animal. One side of the tiles has pictures the other side has words, and you can play with either side. In order to play your turn you must make a real animal, for example a beetle would consist of tiles antennae, shell, spineless, wings. Then the next player would complete their animal by building on to yours. There are various ways to keep score, and also different ways you can play, making this game an ever changing challenge for you kids! It is so much fun. I love a game that can grow and evolve with your kids as they do, very cool. You can find Ani-gram-it  and other great games from Na2ure here.


Snuggling up under a blanket for some reading time is a great way to pass the day! I love to go on adventures with kids through the pages of a book.



By Mac Barnett Illustrated by Jen Corace

This book is a classic twist on the playground game of telephone. Take a message and pass it on. A mother bird give the bird next to her a message to her her little bird Peter. Of course as the message gets passed along the message gets changed and confused. Your kids will beg you to read this book over and over again as the laugh at the hilarious interpretations of the mother birds message. Paired with amazing illustrations, this book is sure to get good use at your house, and become a family favorite! You can find it here.


A Good Home For Max

By Junzo Terada

Tabi the mouse lives in a little toy shop in a little town. Every night he takes great care to tidy the shop and take care of all the toys on his shelves. As new friends come and go to the store one toy, Max The Dog, stays on the shelf. Tabi loves Max and wants him to find a good home, he tries everything he can to sell Max to a family that loves him, but Max stays in the shop. Then one day he can’t find Max! Your kids will love this sweet story of friendship and learning that home is where your heart is. My kids love the illustrations in this book, and “window shopping” in Tabi’s amazing toy store! You can find A Good Home For Max

Princess Personalized Book

New from I See Me, your little princess is sure to be in love with her unique, personalized Princess Book that is all about her. As you spend a day in the life with your princess they will love to see themselves come to life in the pages of this sweet book. Fully customizable with your child’s features, favorite color, hometown, and personality traits, this book will be a favorite of hers for sure! I love the sweet illustrations and as a sentimental mom I love that I was able to customize the dedication page with a personal message and picture of my little princess. I know this will be a treasured keepsake as the years go by. This would be the sweetest gift for a daughter, niece, or granddaughter and is perfect for the upcoming holidays. You can find this Princess book here along with many other great customizable books and products from I See Me.


The Memory of an Elephant- An Unforgettable Journey

By Sophie Strady Illustrated by Jean-Francois Martin

As a lover of children’s books, I can say that you have probably never seen a book like this one. Marcel the elephant is a lover of life and details, he is writing an encyclopedia after all, he loves to study the world around him. As he is celebrated on his birthday, you are able to see some of the most amazing moments he has witness and learned about throughout his long life. We could spend days exploring and reading every small detail in this book. It is such a treat, and perfect if you have kids who love to learn and ask questions! You can join Marcel in his world travels by purchasing it here.


Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site- Sound Book

By Sherri Duskey Rinker Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

Do you have Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site memorized like I do? My kids love the illustrations and sing song text of this perfect bedtime book. When I saw the sound version I knew they would love it too! Lightly abridged and revised from the original text, this board book includes a sound bar with 5 sounds—crunch, vroom, beep, yawn, snore– that bring the construction site right into your home. It is sure to be a hit with all young readers! You can find it here


Oh, Sully! By Kevin Gard

Sully is a whale with dreams, and he is setting off to conquer them! Through his travels Sully tries again and again to be something he is not. After trying and trying Sully comes to the realization that being himself isn’t such a bad place to be, in fact it is perfect for him. I love the message portrayed in this book, and your kids will love Sully’s silly attempts to be something he is not. My favorite thing about this book are the illustrations, they are actually contracted using modern and vintage fabrics and the texture is beautiful! It is a book we come back to time and time again. For every online sale of this book Tree Swing Press will donate a book to intercity youth programs, pretty cool if you ask me. You can purchase it here or here.


As the weather cools down and lazy winter days arrive. Nothing sounds better than snuggling under a blanket with some popcorn with a good movie.


Room On The Broom

Already our favorite Halloween season book, the movie was an instant hit at our house. Beautifully animated you will love this story of a sweet witch who gives and gives the space on her broom to new friends until it breaks in two! As she finds herself in trouble, find out how the power of friendship comes through for her right when she needs it most. This movie is sure to be a year round favorite at your house, but perfect for a family night at home as Halloween approaches. You can grab it for yourself here.


Octonauts- Deep Sea Mission

Your favorite underwater explorers are at it again, this time in the Midnight Zone! The creatures they meet in the deepest parts of the ocean are sure to win your heart over! Learn more about vampire squids, gulper eels, long armed squids, and even underwater volcanoes. My little guy loves these adventurous friends, and I love all the new facts and information he learns as he watches! This DVD includes 6 action packed adventures for you to enjoy, you can find it here.


Thomas and Friends- Tale of the Brave The Movie

In his brand new full-length animated feature everyones favorite little blue engine and his friends are ready to face their boldest adventure yet! The Island of Sodor is hit with a monstrous storm and a landslide uncovers some very unusual footprints. Every time Thomas and Percy try to find out more about them they are faced with dangerous situations and tough obstacles to overcome. Your little conductors will love this grand adventure and what Thomas and Percy do discover is behind those mysterious footprints. Join all the engines on Sodor to discover what it means to be brave by owning the movie, found here.

Cheryl Reinhardt

Monday 27th of October 2014

Thomas and Friends- Tale of the Brave The Movie My Grand Son would love it

MARIA simon

Monday 27th of October 2014

we would enjoy Room On The Broom


Monday 27th of October 2014

We'd love the Princess Personalized Book

Lisa L

Monday 27th of October 2014

My family would enjoy Room On The Broom!


Monday 27th of October 2014

Telephone looks like a cute book!

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