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Four Essentials for Working Out

Recently my parents decided to listen to their doctors and start working out.  Starting a new workout routine can be super daunting, and it was for my parents. They weren’t sure what they needed to wear, or even bring with them to make sure they had a successful workout.  I took pity on my poor parents and helped them prepare for their first trip to the gym.  Now they are old pros!

I received samples and compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Essentials for working out

4 Essentials for Working Out


Music can definitely inspire you during a workout.  The right kind of music can get you through a run, help you lift that last weight or cool you down while you stretch.  Create a playlist on your phone and grab some headphones.  Switch your music often to give your workouts a bit of variety.  If you aren’t a big fan of music during a workout, many gyms feature televisions on their cardio equipment, so you can plug your headphones into the machine and listen to the news or a movie.


When my mom started working out, she didn’t even own a sports bra.  She realized super quickly that it’s not comfortable to wear a regular bra while you work out.  Choose the right gear for your type of workout. Yoga pants aren’t always the best bet if you want a bit of support while jogging, compression gear might work out better.  Wear what makes you comfortable and gives you freedom to move.  Don’t hesitate to wear a tank top even if you don’t like your arms, if it keeps you cool while lifting weights, then wear it!


Hydration is a huge part of working out.  Make sure you always bring a refillable water bottle with you wherever you work out.  Gyms will have water fountains to refill your bottle throughout your work out.  If you run outside, consider a running hydration belt.  The belt will give you the freedom of running without anything in your hands, and you will have water whenever you need it.


Essentials for working out

Safety is also important when you work out.  If you lift weights, weight lifting gloves will keep your hands blister free and help your grip. Running, walking or biking at night requires the proper reflective gear. Running with a head lamp keeps you visible to vehicles and lets you see where you are headed, so you don’t risk tripping.  I tripped on an un-level sidewalk, and even though the street lamps were on, I didn’t see the hazard and I fell hard. I run with a head lamp at night now!

If you happen to get injured, or aggravate an old injury, it’s important to take care of the injury fast. I’ve always been a fan of ACE™ Brand Bandages when I need to wrap up a sore knee or sprained ankle.  ACE™ Brand offers a complete line of elastic compression bandages, hot and cold therapy products, and knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and back braces, wraps and supports.

Essentials for working out

ACE™ Brand has made a huge improvement to their already amazing bandage, by fixing the old clip.  The ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with the new and improved ACE™ Brand Clip is easy to use and secure. The new ACE™ Brand Clip stays secured with a simple click, so you can customize the compression you need to give firm support to sprains and injuries without snagging your clothes.  The ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage stays elastic after you use it and wash it over and over.

Tired of those pesky metal clips? Try the new ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with ACE™ Brand Clip. It’s quick, comfortable and more secure. Hear more from Arthur, Motivational Sportsgent on the innovative new fastener in the series of videos.

Video #1: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: “Unleash The Lions”

Video #2: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: “To the Sport”

Video #3: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: “Did he Mean Lost”


Essentials for working out

I’m excited to see how the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with ACE™ Brand Clip holds up during my workouts. I have a full week of Zumba, running and dance practice for my new musical ahead of me, and I’m so glad I have the amazing support of the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage, especially on my aching left knee!

However you choose to work out, get out there and enjoy your body!  Show yourself that you are strong, and show your children how important fitness is!

What are your workout essentials?

Stefani Tolson

Sunday 24th of August 2014

These are great tips. I really need to get some motivation to get back into the gym and burning those calories.

Liza @ Views From the 'Ville

Friday 22nd of August 2014

I really should look into those ACE bandages, especially for my husband's bum knee. It might make it easier for him when he's on the treadmill. I agree about the tunes, too; they're my #1 workout essential!


Friday 22nd of August 2014

NIce to know you've found something that works. I am lucky to have no ahces or pains when I workout.


Friday 22nd of August 2014

I love these tips and it's so important to show our kiddos that we take our health/fitness seriously! Need tunes always but comfort is my #1 need!

Amy Desrosiers

Friday 22nd of August 2014

My husband is the workout enthusiast in our home. He does follow pretty much all these tips too.

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