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Duracell Introduces Longer Lasting Quantum Batteries!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

With a house full of kids, there is always – I repeat – always a need for batteries! So many of my kids toys run by batteries. Their wii controllers, leappad, imaginext toys, vtech dinosaurs.. all of their favorites. As I have started to plan their Christmas presents for this year, I’m counting up the battery count as well. There is nothing more disappointing than to be excited about a new toy on Christmas morning and not have the batteries you need on hand. We’ve started wrapping up their toys with a pack of batteries or opening up the package and putting together the new toys complete with batteries to have ready come Christmas morning.

Duracell Quantum Batteries

Our need for batteries goes way beyond our kids toys. There a lot of things in our home that literally depend on batteries – smoke alarms, TV remotes, digital camera, flashlights, and many other things. On our recent family trip to Orlando, I spent a four hour direct flight there alone with all four boys. It was absolutely essential that I have ready to go devices with fresh sets of batteries in their portable devices and DVD players!

Duracell Quantum Batteries

With how much our lives depend on batteries, Duracell has improved their batteries with their new Quantum battery! This new battery has a longer lasting power than any other alkaline battery currently on the market. It has a revolutionary Hi-Density Core that stores more power than ever before and has a PowerCheck indicator on the battery that lets you see exactly how much battery power is left! Plus, Duracell has a power preserve technology, DURALOCk, that will lock in the battery power for up to 10 years in storage! You can find the Duracell Quantum batteries by looking for their distinctive red color.

Duracell Quantum Batteries

Duracell is giving back to first responders all across the country! They have donated one million batteries this year to help power their life-saving equipment. To see all the hard work these first responders do for us, check out this video, Quantum Heroes documentary!

How often do you use batteries around your home?