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DIY Paint Strip Menu Planner

Creating a plan each week to show what’s for dinner gives you a stress free evening without all the wondering and stress trying to figure out what’s for dinner. You can easily display your dinner ideas in an inexpensive frame with a few freebies from Home Depot or Lowes to make a DIY Paint Strip menu planner!

DIY Menu Planner

DIY Paint Strip Menu Planner pinit fg en rect red 28

What you’ll need:
  • 8×10 Picture Frame
  • 4 Paint Color Swatches of the same color
  • Alphabet Stickers
  • 1 Sheet Scrapbook Paper (Optional)
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Tape


How to Make a Paint Strip Menu Planner

You’ll need to take a trip to your favorite home improvement store and pick out your favorite color to coordinate with your home or go with something that will give you a pop of color in your kitchen! You’ll need four paint strips of the same color that are 7 colors long. If you can only find shorter strips with 3-4 colors, just find the coordinating colors that come next in the line and get enough of each of the strips to cover your frame.

You can then start by taking apart your picture frame. If the strips aren’t quite long enough to cover the whole cardboard backing for your frame, then you’ll add a piece of scrapbook paper. Just wrap the scrapbook paper to cover the cardboard backing of the frame and secure it with a bit of tape. Next, you will line up your pant swatches so that they line up, and secure with tape on the backs of the strips so you don’t see the tape.

Preparing Menu Planner (Large)

Put the frame back together, and using the lines of the paint swatches as a guide, place your stickers to spell out (or abbreviate) the days of the week on each line. Clean the glass with window cleaner to remove any smudges. Then, you can write and erase your menu using a dry erase marker adding your favorite recipes for each day of the week.

Paint Strip Menu Planner

DIY Paint Strip Menu Planner pinit fg en rect red 28

Once you have your menu planner made, fill it with some of our easy dinner recipes like this yummy homemade marinara sauce recipe for your spaghetti night!

Homemade Marinara

Homemade Marinara Sauce

What colors would you pick for your own DIY Paint Strip menu planner?