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Creative Ways to Use Your Wagon in the Fall!

I am writing this post as part of the Step2 Test Drive Bloggers program. I will receive compensation for this post.

As the weather turns colder, and your family spends more time indoors, you can bring your wagon inside with you for more playtime indoors. We brought our wagon indoors and my boys showed me all sorts of fun and creative ways to put our wagon to use. Let me inspire you with some creative ways to use your wagon indoors!

Creative ways to use your wagon indoors

Store Stuffed Animals – Using your wagon to store your stuffed animals makes the indoor wagon double as a place to play and store toys. Since stuffed animals are soft and cozy, your child could climb right into the wagon with them and enjoy the view.

Wagon Fort

Build a Fort – The very first thing my boys did with the wagon when it came inside was to drag it right over beside our coffee table and start building a fort. They’ve built a couple more forts since then. The wagon makes a great prop for fort building because they can climb over and in it to navigate and it holds the blankets up well for the rest of the fort since it has a deep side.

Wagon Hide-n-Seek

Play Peek-A-Boo – My kids love hiding inside of the wagon and bouncing up yelling out surprise! It’s their “big kid” version of the classic game you play with babies with a simple blanket or your hands to hide your face and then call out “Peek-a-Boo!”

Halloween Chariot – The Link Fairy has another great use perfect for this season, Create a Trick or Treating Chariot! Head over to check out her adorable wagon that reminds me of a parade float!

Our wagon is the All Around Wagon from Step2. It’s a very versatile wagon with room for two with built-in storage areas and seat benches. Check out this and other wagons available by Step2 and start getting creative with your wagon!

What creative ways do you use your wagon?