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BuyGreen Bamboo Sheets Review

BuyGreen carries a wide variety of green products while also providing great information and links on green topics. They strive to carry high quality products and bring their customers an enjoyable shopping experience with an easy layout and great options to choose from. As more consumers realize the impact towards health, wellness, and towards the earth that choosing eco-friendly products can make, the better the selections and prices will become. BuyGreen is also sure to choose sustainable practices for their own business. They use as little of a carbon footprint as they can and give back 1% of their sales to environmental causes through One Percent for the Planet.

BuyGreen Review

I received a set of King Size Bamboo Bed Sheets to review. We had not purchased new sheets since shortly after we got married, at least five years ago. The last time we purchased sheets I hadn’t even heard of Bamboo sheets. Now, having been around in the cloth diapering world for several years, I know all about Bamboo for my children and couldn’t wait to try out Bamboo sheets for myself! These sheets have really deep pockets that make it simple to add the sheets to your bed, even if you have a very thick mattress. They feel so softy and almost silky to the touch and they also seem to stay pretty cool in comparison with our cotton sheets. They are so smooth and light feeling that we absolutely love these sheets! When it was time to wash them and we had to put our cotton sheets back on the bed, we both realized quickly how much we missed our Bamboo sheets and switched our bedding back right away. Now, our old sheets will likely just stay as a “backup” only. The bamboo sheets set is made with 100% Viscose from Bamboo which gives a naturally silky and breathable sheet that protects against microbes. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bedding alternative, or just a very nice high quality sheet set, look no further!

BuyGreen Sheets

You can find these Bamboo Sheets through The King Size retails for $135.


Friday 1st of June 2012

I'd get Flat Tire Plant Pots

Billie Hurd Everly

Friday 1st of June 2012

I would get the Sherpa flashlight.  Thanks for the giveaway!


Friday 1st of June 2012

I would get the Beeswax Aromatherapy Beehive Glass Candles. [email protected]

Just Coupons

Friday 1st of June 2012

 I like the Organic Essence Shea Cream in Lavender

Stacy T

Friday 1st of June 2012

I would get the Reusable Glass Beverage Bottle with the Spring Green sleeve

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