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Boxwave Mobile Accessories

I received Boxwave accessories  in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Technology. It is everywhere these days, isn’t it? I know I use my phone for just about everything. I check my email, take pictures of my kids, talk and text my family and friends, get directions, and find new recipes. It’s funny how years ago a cell phone was such a novelty and now it seems like almost a necessity!

Because I rely on my phone so much, I often seem to run out of battery life! It can be so frustrating on a day where we have been out and about, to find that my phone is dead! I recently started using a Rejuva Power Pack from Boxwave and I LOVE it! I typically charge it up and throw it in one of the little pockets on purse. Then when my phone happens to loose its charge, I have it with me ready to go! That exact thing happened the other night on a trip to Target, it was a quick fix!


You can also see my new phone case in this photo. I don’t know that I will ever find the perfect phone case, but this one is pretty high up on my list! I am constantly battling between a case that looks pretty and also protects my phone. This Almost Nothing Case is beefier than it looks. It does a great job at protecting my phone and I love the simplicity of the clear case, I have always loved the design of my iPhone and hated covering it up all the time!


My other favorite Boxwave product? This 10ft Lightning Cable is amazing! I love that I can plug my phone in behind my nightstand and still use it while lying in bed! It is the best! Boxwave has so many cool products, and not just for iPhones either, they offer accessories for a ton of devices. You should check them out.