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Bones Are Best With Zukes

I received a variety of Zuke’s bones in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Gunner, my chocolate lab loves many things: playing fetch, taking naps, visiting friends, tossing blankets over his own back, pulling trash out of the garbage can, sleeping in my closet, dancing, barking at the mailman, digging holes, and cuddling with stuffed animals. Obviously, this dog loves playing and participating in a wide variety of activities. Want to know Gunner’s most favorite thing in the entire world? Eating treats (especially bones)!


Because I love rewarding Gunner with treats, I try and make sure I am feeding him treats that are beneficial for his body; that’s why I love giving Gunner Zuke’s products. Want to know why I love Zuke’s products so much? Zuke’s scrumptious treats are 100% natural and sourced in the USA. Every time Gunner eats Zuke’s Power Bones or Z-Bones, I feel good knowing that I am providing him a healthy diet.


I love using Zuke’s Power Bones every time I practice tricks with Gunner. These Power Bones keep Gunner’s energy levels up while practicing his various tricks. These nutrient rich treats, moist treats provide the perfect motivation to keep Gunner active and healthy. Every time Gunner sees me pull out the bag of Power Bone’s, he will automatically “sit” and give me “high-five” in great anticipation of this tasty treat.


To say that Gunner loves Zuke’s Z-Bones would be an understatement; this dog would do anything for a Z-Bone. I often find Gunner standing by the pantry wagging his tail, begging for a Z-Bone. I don’t mind giving him these Z-Bones because they freshen his breath, clean his teeth, and keep his gums healthy. Featuring flavors like Potato, Clean Apple Crisp, and Clean Berry Crisp, there is a flavor for every pooch. Free of wheat gluten, corn starch, and synthetic chlorophll, these easily digestible are made from the finest of ingredients.

Give your furry friends the health and energy they deserve by purchasing your treats from Zuke’s. Be sure to check out Zuke’s wide variety of treats for both dogs and cats. Visit for more product information.