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Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids – Free Printable!

It is important to teach your children how to care for themselves and their own needs so that they will be able to do so when the time comes that they move out on their own. You can easily assign age-appropriate chores for kids. Assigning chores for your kids that are right for their age and abilities will help them to feel that they are contributing to the household and building their independence.

When you start at a young age, children actually love to be “Mommy’s Little Helper” and will be eager to help with the jobs around the home. Here is a list of some chores for kids that you can use to assign tasks to your children, whatever their age. Keep in mind that all the items listed are appropriate for children older than the age range as well so your 15-18 year old teens should be able to handle any of the chores on the list so that they will be able to do these daily important tasks on their own when they leave the nest.


Age-Approriate Chores for Kids Free Printable List

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You can easily save this list to find it again later by adding it to your Pinterest boards. Just hover over the image and an icon will show for easy pinning. Or, you can print out this chart and save it for reference for years to come. Just click on this link below to open up a PDF copy you can save to your computer or print.

Free Printable Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids List

Don’t be afraid to give your children the chance to try out the chores on the list. While they may seem hard the first two or three times, soon your child will know what to do and you will love having their help around the house. Every family member should be participating in the household responsibilities and sharing the work load.

Fun Chore Cards System to make chores a visual to-do list for kids!

For more help getting your kids to help out around the home, check out my kids chore cards system that gives you a visual way to show them what needs to be done.

What chores do your children help out with around your home?

Kiya Dennis

Sunday 9th of June 2013

i feel as my nephew is 2 and i know quite a lot of his friends they could do half the stuff, its harder even though there brains are sponges and also it would be harder and more work for the parents because they wouldnt do it right only if you were a super child, for ages above 8 i would feel is correct because im 13 and now i know i should babysit or even do some other things, this is just my opinion for others you might like it but please reply if you think i'm on the right lines and were to go for improvement!

A Mom's Take

Friday 14th of June 2013

Thanks for your feedback. I have boys ages 2.5, 4.5, and 6.5. They can do all the items listed above for their age range but of course it did take a few tries and help to learn them. For example, putting away the dishes - my 2.5 year old just does the low dishes like the kids plates and cups which all go away right at his level. He also helps with the silverware. He loves to help and it's an easy job for him but it was hard the first few times. Of course, all kids will be ready at different ages and stages.

Christa Sloan

Monday 13th of May 2013

i love free printables!

Michelle Elizondo

Wednesday 8th of May 2013

great way to motivate the kids


Tuesday 7th of May 2013

At the age of 13, going on 14 in a matter of weeks, this definitely helps me figure out what needs to be done!!

Vickie Couturier

Tuesday 7th of May 2013

cant wait to print these out for the grandchildren,,never too early to start doing some chores

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