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5 Ways to use Your Smartphone Every Day!

I find more and more that I depend on my smartphone for a variety of uses. It’s amazing how the advances in technology can make such a difference in our daily lives. Here are 5 ways you should be using your smartphone every day to help you stay productive and take charge of your responsibilities.

I received a Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active for review. All opinions are my own. 

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5 Ways to use Your Smartphone Every Day!

Take Pictures – I can remember taking tons and tons of pictures with my first child. Now, onto number 5, I hardly seem to snap a picture. But choosing a phone with a good quality camera built-in makes it easy to take pictures of everyday life again. While sometimes your life might feel mundane and ordinary, those pictures you capture every day will become priceless even a few months down the road when you are able to look back and remember the details that make up your family and life!

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Connect – What’s the purpose of a phone if you’re not using it to stay in touch with people around you. These days, we have so many different ways to connect from social media, text messaging, Skype, and of course a traditional phone call. Staying connecting to our family and friends helps us remember what is important in life — those relationships!

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Health & Fitness – I am by no means a fitness guru and rarely take time out for an actual full workout. Still I am able to use my phone to help me stay healthy. Your phone has powerful tools right at your fingertips that can help you make healthy lifestyle choices. Whether that means encouraging you to watch calories, tracking your sleep schedule, or charting your running. Use your phone to count of cups of water daily or to track your pregnancy or plan your next meal – the possibilities are truly endless.

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Relax and Unwind – However you like to relax at the end of a long day, your smartphone is the easiest way to tap into entertainment. Turn on a movie, relaxing to your favorite songs, read a magazine, or play a fun game. I find that entertainment on my smartphone is easier to set aside, when something else comes up, and doesn’t demand as much constant attention as a full laptop, TV screen, or even a tablet from being distracting from those around me. Of course, all things in moderation, but your smartphone is a great way to blow off any steam.

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Productivity – Whether you have a 9-5 job that needs occasional checking in or you’re a stay-at-home mom, our smartphones are packed with tools to help us stay productive! We can use our calendars, alarms, maps, create a to-do list, jot down our big ideas, or catch up on work emails without being stuck behind a computer. It can give the flexibility to get something done while you’re parked and waiting in the school pick-up or in line at the grocery store to helps us manage our day lives.

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active Review

Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 Active is built to take on the demands of your busy lifestyle! It is dust proof and water-resistant (which in my world means protection from my kids!). It has a built-in activity zone which quick access to a flashlight, stopwatch, compass and barometer! You can even use the heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate before, during, or after exercise.

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One of the most important features to me in my smartphone is a good quality camera. I know I’m not going to pull out my camera and snap away as often as I should. In fact, most of the time I don’t bring a full camera with me. Having a camera on my phone makes it easy to capture those priceless moments that come and go so quickly. The S 5 Active has a powerful 16 MP camera and 4K video capabilities so you can be confident you are getting those details that matter.

I really love the easy of use and durability of the S 5 Active. It is really fast and responsive with a large beautiful screen but isn’t too big to be comfortable in my hand. I love being able to customize the side access buttons to give me quick access to the things I use most – email and the camera!


I’ve been using my S 5 Active on the AT&T wireless network which has been ranked as #1 for overall performance for the Phoenix valley! For a limited time, now through 10/31/2014, you can earn a $100 bill credit when you buy a new smartphone and activate a service plan with AT&T Next line service through the AT&T website! AT&T Next offers you a $15-25 discount on your wireless access charge every month making the phone nearly pay for itself, so this is a great promotion with the bill credit!

How do you use your smartphone every day?

Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks)

Sunday 2nd of November 2014

Great tips! Not sure what we would do without SmartPhones these days!

Liz Mays

Saturday 1st of November 2014

You don't have to convince me. It's practically connected to me I use it so much!

Ann Bacciaglia

Saturday 1st of November 2014

I use my smart phone everyday for so many different things. I would love a phone with a bigger screen. I will have to go look at this Samsung Galaxy S 5.


Friday 31st of October 2014

I love to read on my phone when I can't carry a book with me and I also love my pocket informant calendar. AT times I can be too connected but I love it. The camera is the best part. I am a scrapbooker and most of the time I can get great pics with my phone.

Stefani Tolson

Friday 31st of October 2014

I use my Smartphone throughout the day for a variety of uses too! I just found that my TV has an app where I can use my smartphone as my tv remote too!

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