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5 Tips to Get Your Legs Summer Ready!

Summer is upon us ladies. Time to break out with those shorts, swimsuits and legs that haven’t seen the sun all winter. Since we’ve been hiding those legs in pants and boots all winter, they may need some work to get them summer ready. Don’t worry though, we have come up with a few simple steps to get those legs from hibernating bear to swimsuit model.

This post is sponsored by 99¢ Razors. I received compensation for this post, but all opinions are my own.

Summer ready

Hydrate – Whether by drinking water or applying lotion, nobody likes ashy legs. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water all summer and keeping your body healthy and hydrated. Apply lotion to help your legs look smooth and beautiful. If your anything like me and your skin borders on the pasty side, you might try some lotions with a light bronzing color in them to get a nice summer glow.

Shaving Cream – When you use shaving cream, you know for certain where you have shaved and what you have missed. Shaving cream also helps your razor glide smoothly across your legs to give you a close, sleek shave. I’ve also noticed that shaving cream makes my legs feel smoother and softer after shaving. This is due, in part, by allowing the razor to get a closer shave, but also by hydrating with things like aloe in the cream.

Shaving Cream

Sunscreen – The sun can do all sorts of damage to your legs. Apply sunscreen to your legs whenever you are going outside for any extended period of time. Remember, those legs have been hiding out all winter, they may not take kindly to the sun.

Tone – This doesn’t need to be an everyday at the gym kind of thing. Simple little toning exercises can be done throughout the day. Try doing some toe lifts in your closet while your trying to decide what to wear. It may even make the process go faster, having you pick quickly to avoid the burn. Try out a few leg squats throughout the day. Maybe squatting to pick up that toy instead of bending. If you have stairs in your place, use them to your advantage. Go up on your toes, backwards, running or just make several trips up them all day.

Change Your Razor – When to change your razor depends on a lot of factors. Some include, how often you shave, what size area you’re shaving and how thick the hair is that you are shaving. It’s safe to say though, if your razor is pulling the hairs out, it’s probably dull and you should change it. Also, if your getting irritating rashes or nicks and cuts, it may be time to change your razor. 99¢ Razors makes changing your razor a breeze.

The razor I got from 99¢ Razors is a great razor. The handle was big and rubbery which made for an easy grip. The blades gave a nice close shave while the aloe strip left my legs silky smooth.


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If you try them and like them, you can order whenever you want by ordering refills. They also offer a monthly subscription so you never have to think about buying razors again. Are you a daily shaver, occasional shaver or infrequent shaver? After you decide how often you need to change your razor, 99¢ Razors will ship you your new razors to your door as often as you need them.


This is truly a great service that costs less then buying the more expensive razors at the store. It is extremely convenient also. Give them a try with their $2.95 introductory offer. Let 99¢ Razors help you get your legs summer ready.

What do you do to get your legs summer ready?

Sandy Cain

Tuesday 21st of July 2015

Yikes, getting my legs ready is a major undertaking! Talk about ashy! A sharp razor is best, and exfoliates at the same time. I always make sure to apply moiturizer while my skin is still wet/damp, as it locks in the water!

Rhonda Grisham

Sunday 19th of July 2015

I love my disposable razors! When they are dull, just pitch em. And I have very dry skin, so the shaving cream is a must for me. Thanks for the tips!

Ashley - Embracing Homemaking

Friday 10th of July 2015

I try and get some sunless tanning lotion to get my legs ready for summer. That reminds me, I need to hurry up and do that!

Amy Desrosiers

Friday 10th of July 2015

This looks like a really awesome shave gel. I could use something to prevent nicks in my skin.


Thursday 9th of July 2015

I've always told my wife it is cheaper to just use a 99cent razor a couple times and throw it away than try to get life out of a $5 one. This proves my case!

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