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5 Fun Celebration Lunch Ideas for Kids

My very favorite times to get creative with my kids school lunches is the week of a holiday! It’s so much fun to do something creative for their lunchbox when there is something to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if the reason is a big holiday, a random themed day of the year, or even just a special day in our family. Here are 5 fun Celebration Lunch Ideas you can make for your kids!

Celebration Lunchbox Ideas

5 Celebration Lunch Ideas

This post is sponsored by Go-Gurt. All opinions are my own. 

Celebrations take on so many different shapes and sizes, here are a few fun themed lunchboxes to try for just a few fun dates and seasons to celebrate.

Columbus Day Lunchbox

Columbus Lunchbox

We can all finish the rhyme, right.. “In 1492, Columbus… (sailed the ocean blue)”. Making a fun lunchbox for Columbus Day will make your child the envy of the lunchroom! Cut out the year 1492 using cookie cutters or a knife from a basic PB&J sandwich to add learning fun to lunch. Next, make the three iconic boats using a sliced apple, pretzel, and a slice of cheese cut in a triangle to resemble a sail. Line the bottom of the plate with blueberries and a blue Go-Gurt to resemble the ocean blue!


4th of July Lunchbox

4th of July Lunchbox

There are many times you can celebrate with a patriotic themed lunchbox throughout the year, but the most iconic date is the 4th of July! Even if your child isn’t in school, this fun lunchbox will be a hit! Plus, it is really easy to make. Start by de-stemming 3 strawberries and cut them in half from stem to tip. Then, cut the halves into thin slices. Next, cut a string cheese in half lengthwise and then cut one half in half again width wise this time. Lay your cut strawberries two at a time into a row alternating with the string cheese. Fill in the top left corner with rows of blueberries and you’ll have an American flag that really stands out! Stack a few pretzels and punch out a slice of cheese using a small star cookie cutter and lay them on top of the pretzel stack. Finally roll a slice of cheese with two pieces of ham lunchmeat to create pinwheels. Add in a Go-Gurt to round-out the meal and you’re done!


Happy Birthday Lunchbox

Birthday Lunchbox

A birthday is the best type of celebration! Go all out making their birthday lunchbox fun by making a mini birthday cake from a simple sandwich. Just cut the sandwich into 3 rectangles descending in size. Top the “cake” with pretzels and triangle cut blocks of cheese to resemble birthday candles. Don’t forget to decorate the cake! Fruity Cheerios look great to add color and a bit of sweet to the lunchbox. Add a side fruit salad and carrot sticks. Don’t forget a Go-Gurt!


Halloween Lunchbox

Halloween Lunchbox Bento

These fun lunchbox ideas for Halloween can be used throughout the whole month of October! I started with a Go-Gurt Mummy! Just wrap a folded paper towel around your Go-Gurt to create a mummy and draw on a face right on the package with a sharpie. Use a piece of tape on the back to secure the paper towel in place, if needed. A single hard boiled egg turned into a deviled egg creates monster eyes with a single raisin on top of each eye. Turn the eyes into a monster with thin slices of cucumber for a mouth. Add a side pasta and cheese dish by using up leftover noodles and melting a bit of cheese. Pick the craziest noodles you can find and top them with a dash of parmesan cheese and pepper. A mandarin orange is a sweet way to add in a mini “pumpkin” to the lunchbox!


Winter Lunchbox

Winter Lunchbox Bento

Play up the Winter theme the middle weeks of December before school lets out. Add a Snowman by cutting three varying sizes of circles from a sandwich. Complete his look with a pretzel hat and arms and raisins for his buttons. Cheerios make a great pile of snowballs to turn the lunchbox into a scene and add raspberries and pea pods for some red and green Christmas spirit!


Here are 6 more fun Celebration lunch ideas:


What are your celebration lunch ideas?

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