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25 Ways to Use Baby Wipes #simpletruthbaby

The baby wipe. I wish someone would have told me years ago what a beautiful tool a baby wipe is. That it has a million other uses besides wiping bums. I wish I would have known how handy they can be in a pinch. I should have started buying them in bulk long before I had my babies!

I received compensation and samples for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


Since having kids I have come to realize just how versatile these little wet cloths can be. I am loving the Fragrance Free Baby Wipes from Simple Truth. You can find them at your local Kroger grocery store. They are made from extra thick and ultra soft plant-based materials to reduce your impact on the planet, and maximize your impact on baby’s messes. Plus, Fragrance Free Baby Wipes from Simple Truth contain vitamin E, aloe, cucumber, marshmallow plant and oat to protect your baby’s sensitive skin while keeping them clean, it is the same reason I am okay with using them on my face!


I love to give a big ol’ stack of packages of them for gifts at baby showers. I always attach a note of all the handy places I keep them. Having baby wipes stashed all over is one of my favorite tips for new moms. Here are a few paces I keep them that you might not have tried:


  • My purse (the one that is not a diaper bag)
  • The kitchen
  • My gym bag
  • The trunk of my car
  • Under the seat of my car
  • The garage
  • The porch
  • The laundry room
  • In the art supply bin
  • My makeup bag


25 Everyday Uses for Baby Wipes

  1. Remove make up
  2. Clean up spills
  3. Wiping down sneakers
  4. Cleaning crayon off walls
  5. Wiping down cupboards
  6. Wiping down the bathroom after I get ready
  7. Wiping down highchairs at restaurants
  8. Wiping off the grocery cart handles
  9. Messy faces
  10. Nose wipes
  11. For everything when camping
  12. A quick wipe down after the gym
  13. Chalk Board and White Board cleaner
  14. Wiping down car seats
  15. Cleaning your sun glasses
  16. If a pack dries out, I use them as paper towels for cleaning
  17. Yoga mat cleaner
  18. Spot cleaning the floor
  19. Cleaning the track on the sliding glass door
  20. To wipe nail polish off skin
  21. Grabbing small spiders and bugs
  22. Dusting
  23. Cleaning the car
  24. Cleaning baseboards
  25. Wiping down blinds


Did I give you some new ideas? What is your favorite way to use baby wipes?

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Julie Briggs

Thursday 21st of July 2016

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing at #homemattersparty


Sunday 17th of July 2016

Love this list!! There's no limit to what you can do with a baby wipe or a good wet rag.

Thanks so much for sharing this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are thrilled to have you. Pinning.

[email protected]

Sunday 17th of July 2016

I don't have to buy baby wipes anymore but I guess I many great uses! Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesdays!

Janeane Davis

Wednesday 6th of July 2016

Baby wipes are the best cleaning product ever. My babies are 9 years old and I still buy baby wipes and keep them all around for cleaning jobs!


Wednesday 29th of June 2016

I never though of using baby wipes for other than just a few things! You really surprised me here, I never knew they could be expanded to be used for so much more!

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