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15 Ways to Show Love Without Saying “I Love You”

I remember the very first time my husband and I exchanged the phrase “I Love You.” As young college students, we were sure that our love could conquer the world.

Fast forward 5 years, 1 marriage, 2 college degrees, and a toddler (with another baby on the way) later, and love has taken on a whole new meaning. The love my husband and I now share is deeper than ever before.

Although saying “I Love You” is a common phrase in my home, I’ve realized that words without actions are meaningless. As the season of love is in the air, why not take the time to SHOW your loved one just how much they mean to you.

I received compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

15 Ways to Show Love Without Saying “I Love You”

Photo Credit: Lindsey Barker

Photo Credit: Lindsey Barker

1. Compliment loved one in the presence of others. Also, be sure to compliment the little things: a new hair cut, shirt, achievement, etc.

2. Help your loved one check an item off their bucket list.

3. Make a playlist of all of “your” songs.

4. Set apart a designated “date night” each week. Let them choose their favorite restaurant or activity.

5. Learn their love language and show your love in their language.


6. Let them know when you miss them.

7. Leave their favorite treat on their pillow just because.

8. Service goes a long way – do your loved one’s least favorite chore.

9. Make a special effort to remember the little things; if they mention that they enjoyed a dish at a restaurant, try to recreate it at home, etc.

10. Get dressed up for a candle light dinner at home.

11. Leave an inspirational quote or message on the bathroom mirror.

12. Recreate your first date.

13. Share a hobby or something that’s meaningful to you. In return, ask to learn more about your loved one’s favorite hobby.

14. Surprise loved one by bringing them a special lunch to work.

15. Send loved one a special card – take the time to write a meaningful message conveying reasons why you love and appreciate them.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Barker

Photo Credit: Lindsey Barker

Hearing “I love you” on Valentines Day is often expected, and even if heartfelt, may not be received well because it is so overused.  So how do we know what to say?  How can we communicate how we feel about someone? This Valentines Day, let Hallmark help you #PutYourHeartToPaper; after-all, everyone appreciates a good old fashioned love letter. With many Hallmark cards to choose from, you’ll be able to choose a card that speaks directly to that special someone. This Valentines Day, go beyond the traditional “I love you’s” and find meaningful and personal ways to express your feelings.


How do you show your love?

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