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10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Children #RefreshingMoments

Children are absolutely incredible. I sincerely adore the time that I get to spend with my two little ones each day. The more time I spend with my children, the more I realize just how wise children are. There are so many things we can learn from our children if we just take the time to listen. In fact, I firmly believe that the world would be a much more refreshing place if we all had more childlike mindsets.

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10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Children

There are so many things we can learn from our kids. We're sharing 10 life lessons we're learning from our children. Parenting can be hard, but there is so much we gain as a mom or dad and caring for our babies.

1. There is happiness in simplicity. I find that my kids don’t need gifts, money, or fancy things to make them happy. Something as simple as throwing rocks in the ditch makes their entire day.

2. There’s no one right way to do things. In fact, I often find that letting my kids discover how to do things on their own leads them to finding more effective ways to get the job done.


3. It’s okay to let your emotions show. Think of how much happier we would all be if we weren’t so quick to hold in our emotions and just pretend that everything is okay.

4. We don’t need worldly possessions to make us happy. My kids are happiest when they are with each other, family members, pets, friends, etc.


5. Mistakes help us grow. Sometimes making messes and mistakes is the only way we can grow stronger.

6. Sometimes you just have to dance. My three-year-old son requests a dance party every morning before we get ready for the day. I find that these dance parties provide a happy and energetic start to our day.

7. Holding grudges does no good. Kids are SO extremely forgiving! I find it interesting how my children often run to me and hug me right after I punish them. They are so humble and love others indefinitely.


8. It’s okay to stand up for what you want. It can be quite easy to get mad at my children when they are throwing tantrums. However, I’ve realized that I want to raise children who will fight for things they find important.

9. The world needs more passionate people. My children are either passionately happy or passionately upset. And that’s totally fine! Passion is a great force that drives people to success.

10. Finding the good in people is easy. Children are genuinely optimistic. Instead of finding things they don’t like about people, they always celebrate the good!

I am all about living a simple life. I try not to bog my life down with unnecessary stresses. I find that I’m happiest when I’m with my children watching them experiment, learn, and grow. Just taking the time to watch, listen, and learn from my children provides numerous refreshing moments in my life. Just take a look.

What lessons have you learned from your children?

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