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Teaching Kids Safety with Ruby’s Studio Safety Show

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With little boys in my house, we’ve watched a lot of learning shows together. Many of the shows cover the same topics of English, reading, math, etc. These, of course, are really great and important topics to learn about. But it was just nice to see a show with a focus on something else. Another important topic. The Mother Company has introduced a new show into their Ruby’s Studio line – The Safety Show! This new movie will cover some of the key lessons that are important for kids to learn to keep them safe.

safety show dvd cover

The Safety Show combines animated lessons, original catchy music, games you can join in on, and hands-on activities and crafts with kids that help your children relate to the subject matter.


I thought the show was really well made. There is enough variety and interaction that the kids will stay interested as they watch. I even learned some new ideas to introduce with my kids to keep them safer. I loved the tip in the show to create a password with my kids that another adult could give them should I ever need someone else to pick them up from school. That’s such an easy thing to do but can make a huge difference. I really loved the safety lesson on being lost that was introduced throughout the video. That’s always one of my fears, as my kids do always want to wander.

The Safety Show will be having live screenings across the country along with free activities for kids! Upcoming events are coming to San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas! Head over to see when and where the live screenings will be or to try out some safety activities for kids.

Want to see more about The Safety Show? Here’s a trailer to give you a peek inside the show!

Want to learn more about The Safety Show? Learn more about the show from it’s founder Abbie Schiller about why they created The Safety Show DVD. Then go to this page and get your own copy with this discount code at purchase Safety2013 for 20% off DVD or download for The Safety Show (expires 12/31/13)

How do you teach your children safety?