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Weekly Chore Chart Printable

Running a home and keeping organized is a challenging job! Using a simple chore chart to help keep you (and your children) on track will help you to run your home more smoothly. I like to switch up my method from time-to-time to keep managing all the household tasks to spruce up the most mundane aspect of being a mom. This year, I’m going to be using this simple weekly chore chart to manage and track my responsibilities.

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After you grab our free printable, you’ll also want to join the 14-day Simple Living Challenge. It’s a great way to really tackle an organized home — and life!

Weekly Chore Chart Printable

Weekly Chore Chart Printable pinit fg en rect red 28

How to use the Weekly Chore Chart

You can print either a blank or a pre-filled weekly chore chart. To use the blank chart, select 5 daily household tasks to complete. Write one task in each of the daily circles. Then, on the particular day of the week challenge yourself to cross off all five tasks before you move onto something fun – like Pinterest!

Weekly Chore Printable

Weekly Chore Chart Printable pinit fg en rect red 28
Laundry and tackling clutter (usually on our island) is a constant struggle in my home, so they got added in as an every day chore. If you need to customize the chart to fit your own needs, just choose the blank chart and write in your own jobs.

Get a Free Chore Chart Printable

Weekly Chore Chart – Filled In

Weekly Chore Chart – Blank

To grab your free copy of either the filled-in or blank weekly chore chart, just click on either of the links above. The printable will open up in a new tab where you can view the PDF before you save or print your chart. If you’re looking for ideas of what to fill in the blanks, look for a household chores list sheet coming soon! I recommend laminating your chore chart once you have it filled-in and then using an expo marker to reuse the same chart week after week. Here are some useful products that can come in handy.

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Simply Living 14-Day Challenge

The things we choose to fill our lives with make all the difference in the world. It’s easy for our lives to get busy and cluttered – in more than just our homes but in all aspects of our lives. brightpeak financial has an free Simply Living 14-Day Challenge designed to give you daily inspiration every day for 2-weeks to challenge you to simplify, clear the clutter, and live a more meaningful, purposeful life.

simple living challenge

The Simple Living Challenge Includes:

  • Daily tips and activities, delivered right to your inbox
  • The benefits of simple living – spiritually, physically and mentally
  • Activities to help identify your priorities and set intentions
  • Fun challenges to declutter your home and life
  • Ways to spend less than you earn (and feel more wealthy)

Head over and join the Simple Living Challenge today! 

nicole dziedzic

Saturday 21st of March 2015

What a great way to stay organized and on top of things, awesome to put on the office desk.

Brandi Clevinger

Wednesday 18th of March 2015

Great idea! I like the usable part, too. Printing out papers is such a waste.

I found your post at Inspire Me Mondays!

shelly peterson

Tuesday 17th of March 2015

This would be helpful for sure, thanks for sharing.

Aimee Trader

Tuesday 17th of March 2015

Printing this right now as we speak!! Awesome Idea! I have some old frames that need something inside them


Monday 16th of March 2015

What a great idea and a cute chart. That chart makes it seem more fun to do chores haha.

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